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Wish me luck because I'm broke as a joke · 7:56am January 22nd

Wish me luck I have $15 to last me the next week until I get my paycheck so tomorrow I'm going to start busking playing piano on the street for the first time in over a decade

I'm so broke because I'm extremely lazy and dysfunctional between my mental health issues and my shitty work ethic so I haven't been applying for acting gigs as much and haven't been getting as many in the first place because covid and I keep meaning to call social services so that I can do the interviews after doing applications for food stamps and stuff and I keep not doing it because I hate making phone calls and again I'm lazy and dysfunctional

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Reese #1 · January 22nd · · 1 ·

Oh, dear; good luck, indeed.

Best of luck. You may want to add getting a Ko-Fi account to that list of things you need to do.

Author Interviewer

phone calls are the worst D:


I'd embed the image but imgur still doesn't like FiMFic, it seems.

Hey friends I'm doing a bit better a few people sent me a little bit of money thank you y'all I'll let you know when I start busking and try to live stream it if possible

I've used imgbb for years with zero complaints.

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