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I am now down $100 and left with an expensive paperweight less than a day after i bought a new motherboard. · 5:55am Jan 22nd, 2022

This thing was going to replace the aging computer I've been using to archive old floppy disks and hard drives. Got it for a nice discount from $200 down to $100, and the review I read seemed to paint it in a pretty good light for an industrial motherboard.

And then after I plugged in a graphics card it detonated.

Currently waiting for a seller response to the string of messages I sent. It was working fine on integrated graphics, but with a GPU? I have no idea why the CPU's voltage regulators blew up when plugging in a GPU.


There goes both my Christmas money and my faith in my online buying luck.

This happens over and over again. I buy something, it arrives, and within a week, it breaks. I have a rapidly growing pile of dead parts that I either cannot return or got refunds for them being DOA.

I'm getting sick of it. My tech hobby is becoming a massive drain both financially and emotionally. I want to keep going, but if I keep throwing money into things that are for whatever reason going to break practically the moment I touch them, then I'm gonna be broke in no time.

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Detonated is never a good word to have to use in conjunction with a motherboard...

--Sweetie Belle

I hope you can get your money back, Techie - and a better quality motherboard that doesn't blow up on you.


unfortunately the "better quality" industrial boards cost over $300 typically

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