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On Applejack Is An Interdimensional Alien · 10:27am January 21st

I... think... I'm gonna delete Applejack Is An Interdimensional Alien. Honestly, it's not fun to write for anymore, and as the description said, it was an extended experiment in freewriting, seeing what a story could become if it was entirely self discovery. At this point though, it just feels like a slog now and isn't fun to write. I normally wouldn't do this, but as it's free writing, I don't have an ending at all in mind, so it's just gonna be taken down. I can't say I'm very proud of the work, and don't want to see something both incompleted and that I'm not proud of on my page.

I don't even have an ending to give to you all because I didn't come up with one because it was supposed to be self discovery. But the self discovery doesn't work if I'm no longer having fun discovering what happens. I'm sorry I put you all through that and sorry to anyone who read it expecting something more. I will do better in the future.

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It's your decision to make. Do as you will, I'll support it.

I'll support your decision, but I wish this story could at least reach a satisfying point to stop at.

I would prefer you cancel it instead.

It is your decision, but it is always iffy in my mind to delete stuff that is public..... it feels like you are trying to erase something. While that is okay, and sometimes necessary, I feel that if you delete it fron here, you should keep a copy for private use. This would be for posterity, for in case you need it(for evidence in plagiarism cases, for example), and for self-reflection. In the end, it's your work.
If you stopped because it wasn't working for you, that is a-okay! So long as you gave it the ol' college try!

To be honest, I'm not totally surprised. For the record, I was always intrigued by the idea and willing to see where it ended up, and in many ways still am...but yeah, even I, the reader, could tell you weren't really feeling it anymore. So if you feel the need to stop working on it, then by all means stop.

On the upside, as it WAS an experiment, you still learned from the experience on what did and--perhaps more importantly--did not work, and can apply that knowledge to future projects moving forward, so at least there's still that. :twilightsmile:

If it's not fun to write, no shame in canceling, but I learned the hard way that deleting a fic is never a good idea. Just let people who enjoyed it, enjoy it. :heart:

ah, i see. so the interdimensional alien finally got to you, too.

That's just how it goes. You stay around them for longer than a minute and your thinking is affected.

Put the story in time out for a few weeks/months/years/millennia and tell it to come out when its ready to stop being not fun to write.
Do what makes you happy. also insert one of those "You got this!" inspirational cat posters to this comment or something

Put it on hiatus or cancel it, deleting from the site seems pointless

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