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    Here's the deal

    So if you happen to live in the United States, you've probably heard that employers are struggling to fill open positions.

    This is true at my chosen place of employment as well, so it has been decreed that the overtime shall be unlimited until further notice.

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    Well, not for a bit. It's gonna take me a little bit to properly proofread and edit my 9k word monstrosity.

    But sometime soon. I'll keep y'all posted.

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    So Relaxing

    Do you know what I find to be very therapeutic?

    Torturing Chrysalis. It's just so much fun! :yay:

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Moar Bean? · 8:10pm January 20th

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"And now for final part of traditional Yak treaty ceremony," said Ambassador Horwitz.

"Good," said Baked Bean, trying to keep his smile looking real and not just a facial spasm after the three hours of Yak Tradition he had already been through. Without Celestia's presence, he was feeling just a little overwhelmed, but she was off feeding Apollo. Coincidentally. And taking her own sweet time about it. Cheater.

"Yak Prince Rutherford will bring forth his sister for Traditional Yak Wedding of Union," announced Horwitz.

There was a brief pause, and a sudden absence of Beans in the immediate area. Once the breeze of his departure had faded away, Ambassador Horwitz leaned over to Luna and whispered, "You said Prince Not-a-Bean would laugh at Traditional Yak Treaty Prank. Not hear laughter."

"The laughter comes later," said Luna.

Can't wait!

You know, I'm trying to finish the chapter, and this kind of thing doesn't help. :rainbowlaugh:

Ten years later and their ambassador Sandbar would say “Joke’s on you, I’m into that shit!”

Bean. Baby Bean. Glimmy.
Looks like a few hours are set in stone for my future.

Not to complain but still waiting for the bean harem

Moar Bean!? I'm sold!!!

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