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Pharynx is best changeling. CHANGE MY MIND.

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  • Thursday
    He Proved It (Anthro)

    “Venom, are you picking your nose?”

    “What? Ew, no way. I was simply just scratching an itch.”

    “Alright, whatever you say.”

    “How am I supposed to pick anyway? I have no nostrils!”

    “Er… what?”

    “It’s true! Just… look at my nose! No nostrils! None!”

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    MTCG in a Nutshell:

    Pharynx wiped the tiny tears from his eyes as he gazed into his younger brother’s, for what felt like the first time in years.

    His brother had finally awoken. Thorax was fine.

    From the moment Thorax had opened his eyes, he knew; everything was going to be fine.

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  • 1 week
    I took a paragraph from MTCG and put it in Google Translate again:


    “Why did you do that?”

    Pharynx’s eyes widened once he saw the blue changeling sitting and gazing up at him. “Do what?” he asked as he sat down on his haunches right next to him.

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  • 2 weeks

    Paul rummaged belligerently through his coin pouch as he emerged from the dark alley. “Portable spectra these days sure is overpriced,” he lamented, stopping and leaning against the wall, feeling a gentle breeze. The mundane side of his blue bangs rose a little with the wind, giving Paul a proper view of the street before him. “Everyone sure is busy today…and I still haven’t found out where I’m

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Flutterbug In A Mug · 5:09pm January 20th

Report BezierBallad · 47 views · #Flutterwings
Comments ( 17 )

D 'awwwwwww

Dude oh my god it's fucking adorable-


how long did it took?

Two hours. Almost three.

I like the whole irl/cartoon world combination pic. Did you find it off the internet, or did you have this mug irl and get an idea?


still great!

I actually had this mug sitting on the coffee table.

Aww. Then yeah, that's really cute.

Imagine finding this in your coffee cup the next morning.

So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Lmao I wish. Flutterbug and MHA are two of my favorite things. Her coming out of a mug with Deku on it is like...probably the best mental image ever

"flutterbug in a mug? What is...?" Looks at picture, chokes on own saliva, coughs like a dying man, regains breath, looks up. "It's... It's too cute!" Goes rigid, eyes roll back in head falls over.

Coroner report, cause of death: cuteness induced heart attack.

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