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  • Thursday
    He Proved It (Anthro)

    “Venom, are you picking your nose?”

    “What? Ew, no way. I was simply just scratching an itch.”

    “Alright, whatever you say.”

    “How am I supposed to pick anyway? I have no nostrils!”

    “Er… what?”

    “It’s true! Just… look at my nose! No nostrils! None!”

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  • Sunday

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  • 1 week
    MTCG in a Nutshell:

    Pharynx wiped the tiny tears from his eyes as he gazed into his younger brother’s, for what felt like the first time in years.

    His brother had finally awoken. Thorax was fine.

    From the moment Thorax had opened his eyes, he knew; everything was going to be fine.

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  • 1 week
    I took a paragraph from MTCG and put it in Google Translate again:


    “Why did you do that?”

    Pharynx’s eyes widened once he saw the blue changeling sitting and gazing up at him. “Do what?” he asked as he sat down on his haunches right next to him.

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  • 1 week

    Paul rummaged belligerently through his coin pouch as he emerged from the dark alley. “Portable spectra these days sure is overpriced,” he lamented, stopping and leaning against the wall, feeling a gentle breeze. The mundane side of his blue bangs rose a little with the wind, giving Paul a proper view of the street before him. “Everyone sure is busy today…and I still haven’t found out where I’m

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Hair Department: Umbrum Style (Anthro) · 7:54pm January 19th

“Okay, do we have everything? Flammable liquid, fire extinguisher? Spiny, do you have those chemicals ready?” Venom asked as the two changeling brothers walked down the staircase leading into a lower room. Their older brother followed behind them with a curious expression.

“Remind me what is going on here…?”

“We volunteered  to style your mane, of course! Not only is it probably filled with glass from our trip to the beach, but it’s probably doused quite a bit from the ocean.”

“Oi, yes…Griffon supposes it could use some maintenance.”

“Not only that, though. We’re talking some serious transformations,” Spiny said as they reached their destination. Griff reacted with a canted brow, seeming even more confused than before. “Alright, we’re here.”

“Just sit down in that chair over there and we’ll do the rest.”

“Venom…” the umbrum began as he took a seat. “I know that face…”

“What face?”

“The one you make when you have an idea.”

“Well, to be fair, we’re going down a long, long list of them. Starting at ‘mullet’…” Spiny said.

“Right… remind Griffon why we went all the way down to this room just for a haircut?”

“Because let’s face it, the entire hive is a fire hazard. Too many vines and shrubbery,” Venom explained. “No floral entities down here. Just stone and rocks and stuff.”

“And with what we’re about to do, you’re technically liable to explode.”


“…Seriously, Spiny?”

“What?” He twirled the glittery-blue ink pen in his hand while he held a clipboard with the other. “It’s the only other way to keep the peace without making him sign a waiver.”

“Whatever, let’s just get this show on the road.” Venom walked over to Griff and examined his mane. “Hmm…”

It rose and fell a little bit, glistening with shards of glass stuck in his scalp.

“…Does it hurt when it’s extinguished?” the young blue changeling asked.

“Not really. Griffon just gets really cold, which is why it cannot be out for long.”

“Right, just checking before we do anything. Should we start by removing all those glass shards?”

“Yes. We’ll put his hair out for a brief amount of time so that we don’t have to reach in and…you know.”

“Okay… extinguisher,” Venom requested. Spiny handed him the item, and the blue changeling sprayed the substance at Griff’s scalp. His flaming mane instantly dispersed with a quiet “hissing” noise, and Griff winced a little. 

Venom noticed this. “Sorry… too hard?”

“No no, c-continue…”

Getting all the glass shards out was simple enough. Once they were done, Venom picked up two bottles; one being a container full of gasoline, the other was a bottle of vodka. “Hm… which one’s better suited for the job?”

“One is drinkable, the other is not… just don’t let Mitchell see it,” Spiny deadpanned.

“I’ve heard alcohol can be flammable… lemme try the gasoline first.” Venom removed the cap off the container and carefully poured the flammable liquid into it. “We agreed on a mullet, right?”

“Seems like it.”

“Griffon will hold the vodka responsibly if it is too much for you guys to hold…” Griff offered with a small snicker in his voice. 

“Hardy har har.” Venom then poured the gasoline in the most appropriate areas of the head; all over the scalp and partially down the neck. Griff shivered at the touch, but just as the two changelings expected, the familiar white fire sparked and rose, gradually engulfing his scalp in flames. 

Spiny stared in absolute disbelief. “That was fast.”

“This room is relatively warm. Maybe Griffon still has it,” the oldest brother chuckled. 

“Hm… say, Griff, if you had a regular mane, what color would you dye it?

“I would probably keep my natural mane color somewhat, and then dye some of it…maybe red or orange.”

“Hm… there’s many possibilities; a standard red would involve either strontium chloride, strontium nitrate, or even lithium. A more carmine shade would require lithium chloride instead. And a orange color would need calcium chloride. Hm…” Spiny eventually grabbed a small white container, opened it up and grabbed a salt like substance before sprinkling it partially on the open flame. “I’ll just go with strontium chloride.”

The three stared curiously as the flames began to change color. 

“Okay… here, take a look!” Venom grinned as he brought up a hand-held mirror, showing his brother the new mane color they had given him. “Well, what do you think?”

“Hm… I like it. Griffon is impressed.”

Comments ( 11 )

Huh. Well, if it works it works

*chuckles* “Griffon never thought he could rock a mullet.”

“See? Told you it would all go swimmingly!”


Now give me the Vodka so I can throw it out

”Thank you, brothers.”

“Do you smell burning?”

“What burning?” *seeing a few books on fire* “Spiny, toss the extinguisher!”

“Venom, chill out, I’m already on it!”

”Wai—oh shit!”

“Put it out, put it out!”

“I’m trying, just give me a minute!”

*sits up frantically*

*Extinguisher spraying*

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