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Speaking of weird pigeons: · 6:35pm January 18th

For fans of my trash Dove story or using AI creatively or just weird pigeons, I present neural network generated pigeon breeds, curated by Janelle Shane and illustrated by Rosemary Mosco:


I highly recommend signing up for this website's newsletter wherein Janelle Shane uses neural networks to do generally silly things. It's pretty great.

And if you want to see more pigeon stuff from rosemary moscow, she has a book about pigeons. https://www.workman.com/products/a-pocket-guide-to-pigeon-watching/paperback I'm broke but it looks pretty fantastic. Kind of gives me the same energy as a Field guide to the shopping carts of North America

Anyway enjoy these weird pigeons and if you haven't read my trash Dove story yet please read it it's good I love you all have a great day drink lots of water and be kind

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Is this...

Yes, this is the same person who generated ponies via neural network. Wonderful to see that they're still procedurally generating endearing weirdness.

At this stage, silly things are pretty much all you can do with neural networks.

These are amazing.

Author Interviewer

I'm dying at American Giant Screaming Eagle. XD

Not as amazing as u bby

I'm thinking of the Monty Python skit ministry of silly walks and all the AI designed virtual animal evolutions where the first hundred generations just eat shit and then the next 100 generations take a few wobbly steps and then just eat shit and then the next hundred generations walk for a while and then eat shit and then finally you have ones that stably walk

Imagine these words you are reading or not words, but that gif from iron Giant of the guy exclaiming "it's art!"

That's what brown kids in the Middle East say when it drone bombs them

tag yourself I'm Vanisher

I'm definitely Half waved party pigeon

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