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Fic recs, January 18th! · 3:46pm January 18th

There've been quite a few people around the fandom who've stumbled into hard times, so I wanted to get a blog up to signal boost them.

Cobalt Comet's family lost everything
An Intricate Disguise needs dental help
Regidar is in need and is open for commissions

And once you're done helping them out, you can check out a pile of minifics below.

H: 6 R: 7 C: 3 V: 0 N: 0 N/A: 1

Not Actually a Euphemism by Cold in Gardez
Genre: Comedy
There's only one way the girls can escape Tartarus.
Wow, I'm almost done with this one. :O Anyway, this was hysterical, a fantastic sendup of uhh was it season 8's finale? I don't remember the show anymore. Whatever, this was great.
Highly Recommended

I'm Sorry, Twilight, I Can't Let You Do That by Esle Ynopemos
Genre: Comedy
Twilight's newest creation still has a few bugs.
As the title suggests, this is a fun takeoff of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. There's also thankfully another joke beyond that, though I kind of sniffed it out early. Still good.

Inverted Joke Week, part 6: Twilight Sparkle by Nonagon
Genre: Meta?
Man, I don't even know at this point. This 'week' sure has been going on a while. c.c
No Rating

You Guess the Title! by FuzzyFurvert
Genre: EQG Comedy
Pinkie Pie gets pizza.
I think there is literally something missing here, because the story includes three images and the first one isn't working. I suppose it could just be a picture of a pizza? Perhaps we'll never know. Anyway, I kind of felt like this was building towards something, but it sort of didn't? Or maybe the punchline just wasn't as funny as I hoped. Eh.
Recommended for EQG Fans Only

Luck of the Draw by HoofAndQuill
Genre: Comedy
Lost in Manehattan, Twilight stumbles across a familiar face.
This is a classic setup, but I'm glad it was used for something other than the usual. I enjoyed the ending as well. Although, that feeling when "marot", oh my god.

The Children's Hour by AugieDog
Genre: Poem
Man, sestinas are so hard to pull off, so of course Augie sails through this one with aplomb. It's also fun when you realize what this is actually about, and can then marvel at how the six line-ending words each fit a character.
Highly Recommended

Little Shop of Horrors by Silvernis
Genre: Comedy
The fun of this one is figuring out who's torturing Rainbow Dash, and just what exactly they might be doing. Also a fun shipping joke in the middle.

Fear by Bombastic Bookpony
Genre: Dark
Yeah, melodramatic is right. Not a fan of stories like this, but then it also sort of bashes Tyrantlestia against Twyrant and they kind of cancel out?
Recommended If You're Not a Fan of Celestia

The Old Guard and the New Guard by QueenMoriarty
Genre: Historical/Action
Wow, this is a trip! First we get a bit of historical world-building about the significance of Canterlot and the guards who protected it. Then we cut to Flash Sentry fighting a ghost. Every sentence is a turn in the road, and you'll never know where you're gonna end up next!
Highly Recommended

Pines by KwirkyJ
Genre: Sad Character Piece
This is a very moving piece of character work, written in that period between Maud's introduction and the naming of the other two Pie sisters. The depiction of their family life is thus rather fanciful to today's sensibilities, but no less realistic. This hit me surprisingly hard, and I don't know that I've ever seen Maud written so well, or so relatable.
Highly Recommended

Overdue Vengeance by Abecedarian
Genre: Comedy
From the title, it's pretty easy to guess why Twilight's acting all evil and stuff, and that's amusing enough by itself. That said, there wasn't quite enough description for me to grasp what was going on in the scene? Maybe that was just me?
Recommended for Laughs

Rumination by FanOfMostEverything
Genre: EQG Comedy
This is an interesting peek into Sunset's mind just after the first Equestria Girls, when she's bridging the gap between bad and good, still not entirely convinced of what her future may hold, and still a bit ponish. Good descriptions and ideas about differences between the human world and Equestria are what make this one.

Seussless by Loganberry
Genre: Poem
This is cute, fun and — most importantly — really well put together, just a short rhyming piece of Twilight mulling over Winter Wrap Up. Great stuff, you love to see it!
Highly Recommended

The Most Important Thing by MythrilMoth
Genre: EQG
Short but sweet, this is about Sunset getting sentimental around the holidays, and a happy little payoff at the end.

Friends of a Feather by Aquaman
Genre: Slice of Life
This is a moody, introspective piece about Gallus enjoying the trappings of Hearth's Warming before ruining it for himself with intrusive thoughts. Good character and world-building, as one would expect, plus it builds on that one episode that was about all that stuff.

Moon Bright by horizon
Genre: Slice of Life
This is a fun, tense little piece about a farmer and his son contemplating the moon. The scenario plays itself out quite well through their dialogue, so you can catch all the significance for yourself. The one thing that tripped me up a little was the main character being named Pistachio; I had to go double-check the date, because this was written three years before Rainbow Roadtrip!

Thumbs vs. Autocorrect by kits
Genre: EQG Shipping Comedy
Oh hey look, I've added a new collection in! At least this one's relatively short. :B And this is a really great way to start it off, a hilarious little piece about Sunset's friends trying to convince her how hot she is. It's horny as heck but it's also hysterical, great stuff!
Highly Recommended

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[Pines] hit me surprisingly hard, and I don't know that I've ever seen Maud written so well, or so relatable.

It is no exaggeration to say that you have read quite a lot, yes? While there may yet be hyperbole at play, this is overwhelmingly high praise! (I am... overwhelmed)

thank you for the boost :heart: that was very kind (also, I think you accidentally listed Art Inspired instead of An Intricate Disguise as the person who is in need of dental help)

HR? My goodness. Thank you! :yay: I really enjoyed writing that, as I recall, so I'm very pleased it amused you.

Author Interviewer

oh, dammit :| Well, at least the link is correct.

How can you even think of sunset without being “horny”? That’s the 40% of her essence that isn’t being able to kill all her friends at any moment.

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