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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.

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IDW Micro Series #10 (Princess Luna) Review · 10:39pm January 17th

As the G4 comics appear to be more or less wrapping up for good with the end of Generations, it really is sad to see what was once a source of creativity that arguably eclipsed the show's end on such a disappointing no, resorting to a ratings trap for comics to try to lure in readers. So I think it's all the more imperative to look back on when the comics were actually good, particularly in the side series. Having obtained the final micro series comic, published all the way back in December of 2013 (oh how long ago that seems, a time before even the ebola crisis), I'm ready to give my own thoughts on it. Given how short lived and varying in quality the micro series was, was this comic able to send it off on a high note or only prove why IDW was replacing it with another side series (and arguably their best one in "Friends Forever")? Well, let's find out.

We begin with Princess Luna coming back from a nightly patrol through I believe the Everfree Forest. And she seems to have picked up a visitor in the form of an opossum. There's actually a good reason for that that will be revealed late in the comic. Anyway, Luna meets up with her sister who seems to believe her daily duties are nowhere near as exciting. Luna then believes that she can handle it all, a full day's workload, and she ignores her sister's warnings that it won't be so easy. This is kind of similar to the plot of "A Royal Problem", minus the cutie mark swap and the forced focus on Starlight Glimmer.

This is also where we meet the comics exclusive character Kibitz, the royal schedule keeper. Per Celestia's instructions, he gives Luna a full day of duties and responsibilities and insists on sticking to the schedule. Princess Luna begins the day by looking over all of Equestria from Canterlot (somehow), even witnessing a shift change as one of the night guards swaps out with a day guard. In fact, after she's done with her observations she gets to go down and talk to the royal guard to hear their reports. Apparently, however, despite all the incidents that have already occurred by the time of this comic (Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis' invasion and the out of control Everfree Forest) Kibitz mentions that the land is experiencing a profound period of peace. This is just like "The Beginning of the End" claiming things have been so peaceful despite all the big events that they later go on to acknowledge.

We do have a cameo from pony Flash Sentry, and another royal guard has a bump on his hoof that he's concerned about (really should have that checked). Meanwhile, Princess Celestia travels to a secret location that turns out to be a hidden spa, and she proceeds to undergo an entire treatment. As for Luna, she manages to make it through the morning shift, yet Kibitz tells her that they're still behind schedule as they move to the afternoon responsibilities. He also scolds Princess Luna for having cake, which makes me wonder if there's anything special about alicorn metabolisms and bodies. But hey, Pinkie Pie seems to down sweets all the time and never seems to have any adverse side effects (probably because she's bouncing everywhere all the time, so she burns up a lot of energy). The afternoon shift does bring about a change of pace though, Luna gets to mingle with "commoners" as she calls them while attending a garden party. She ultimately gets into a real life chess match with Fancy Pants (since he left his chess set behind).

Kibitz disapproves of such a thing and drags Luna away before she can finish the match (which she was losing). She is then subjected to a full dose of bureaucracy and red tape, particularly with the Crystal Empire as they make plans for the torch lighting ceremony for the Equestria Games. When Luna gets fed up and loses her patience, Kibitz decides to have her go through everything she has to get done all at once: Ship christening (using airships/zeppelins instead of normal ships), signing her name on important documents, dress modeling and even giving a medal to a Wonderbolt (Fleetfoot, apparently for saving Ponyville from rampant fireworks, which may or may not be a nod to Main Series #9 when Fleetfoot was injured by some stray fireworks, further suggesting Fleetfoot is an ego-maniac).

Celestia returns as Luna pleads with her to take back her job, to which Celestia agrees while also mentioning that Kibitz gave Luna more than he needed to. Kibitz retorts by saying Luna could handle it. Then, after Luna mentions tea we see Fancy Pants and all the ponies used as chess pieces waiting for Luna to return. The opossum then holds up a small sign thanking the readers for supporting the micro series (just like "Friends Forever" broke the fourth wall to thank readers on its last issue). We then get treated to a short story involving the night before the main story. Luna was getting back from fighting an owl bear (along with one of her night guards who appears bandaged, probably indicating he or she was also involved in the fight), and desired a pet of her own. After considering several candidates, she found an opossum who she decided to name Tiberus. Tiberus would go on to appear in both the main series during the Reflections arc and the "Friends Forever" series during its final issue.

And that's the story, so what do I think of the issue? Well, it looks now like the show writers more or less idea plundered from this comic when writing "A Royal Problem". It's not exactly the same, the focus is still primarily on the royal sisters (namely Luna) and there is none of their childish, petty squabbling from that episode. I like that this comic didn't lean into fandom stereotypes about Luna like her previous comic appearances up to this point did. They treated her like an actual three dimensional character, and even gave Celestia a bit of character too. Kibitz and Tiberus are fine additions that I wish could've been brought over into the show. All in all, it's probably about as good a send-off as the micro series could ask for. It was definitely a better showcase for the princesses, even doing Celestia justice where her own micro-series failed to do so by having her stick up for an old friend even when it showed said friend was now a danger to others. Pick it up if you can find it, this is the kind of creativity and freedom the comics used to have when they weren't shackled by the show. And for whatever reason it was not brought back when they decided to make their own "Season 10".

And there you have it.

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