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why am I selling out · 10:09am January 17th

So basically, uh, I just recently acquired the means to actually get my own way of paying stuff online. And thus, I've subbed to a bunch of Patreons and Ko-Fis, and was like, hey, why not start my own?

SO here we are. My Ko-Fi. No Patreon set up yet, it's too complicated for my feeble mind.

If you wish to support me, I'd really appreciate it! Commissions aren't open yet, but they might be.

Don't worry, if they ever do open I'm not going to go up to like, what's the normal rate? 10 USD per 1k? Nahhhh. perhaps 5 or 6. Anyways, the link's here! If you do support me, thank you so much.

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if i ever get spare money i might throw it at you who knows

You should definitely charge more for your writing, you're very popular and talented! ^^ Congrats on the Ko-Fi! I set up a Patreon but didn't really do much with it - but you have a large following, so maybe it would be useful for you!

Donated 'cuz you're an awesome possum! 😇

Of course, my potential friend dude! :rainbowdetermined2:

Holy crap, 20? That means a lot to me! TYSM!!!

You're welcome!

Anything for a pal! 🤓🤓

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