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Can't think of a creative title so I'll just call this one Status Update · 3:04am January 16th

I've been pretty silent here over the holidays. There's several reasons for the lack of time and energy in the last couple of months, the usual suspects being work stress and lack of quality sleep, but I also decided to pick up Cities: Skylines back in November. That game scratches the exact same itch that Minecraft did back when I first played it, so I've been pretty badly addicted to it and that has sapped a lot of my free time away from creative projects. Finally, I think I may have started to burn myself out on it, so I've actually made some progress in the last week or so!

Since finishing the last chapter of Set Sail, I came to realize just how much tunnel vision I'd developed. For the better part of the last year, I had a pretty solid plan. I knew how I wanted things to play out, but it only went as far as that pivotal scene where Silverstream delivers that long-awaited peck on the cheek. After that, the details fell into the haze. I knew the general shape of where I wanted the rest of the story to go, but once I'd gotten through that first arc, I found myself a bit lost. What time has been devoted to writing since November has mostly been trying to clear up the fog. Developing the later-game plot, figuring out the arcs I want the characters to take, addressing how various themes will play out and how it all fits together.

I'd been putting that off for a while, but now I've finally reached a point that I feel confident enough to start moving forward again. I've finally commenced work on the next chapter! It's really fun to see all these different threads coming together, ready to be woven into something beautiful. I'm very excited about what's coming, and I really hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as I have.

See you soon :)

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I have absolutely enjoyed the ride so far, and can't wait to see it where it goes!

Can't wait to see it bud!

I don't care if it takes until 2025 for this story to be completed (though hopefully it doesn't actually take long lol). I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying until the end

Gosh I know what you mean about working up to a scene and the rest is a haze, everytime I look through my current plan and see obvious gaps, it takes mental strength to figure out how I should fill them. Glad to see you've broken through though!

I know many of those feelings. Including game addiction.

Glad you have worked through the fog. Looking forward to all that comes next!


Ooh, I know what you mean about that getting to a key point of a story but then not quite knowing how to proceed from there issue. There's actually rare few stories I write that don't face that problem at least once throughout working on them...even had a few get killed off because I was unable to sort out that problem, so it's definitely no small problem for a writer to face.

But sounds like you're getting it under control, so that's always good. Can't wait to see where it'll take us next then. :twilightsmile:

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