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Known as the British Speedfreak, friend of Rainbow Dash, nemesis of Oscura Galaxia, contributor to Burnout Crossovers and founder of Danger Motorsport.

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  • Wednesday

    Do you think Danny Dean would join Scuderia Ferrari-Danger Motorsport, replacing Beatrice Radiance as she goes to Porsche?

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  • Wednesday
    Driver profile idea?

    Who do you think I should do a driver profile and I have a few in mind
    1. Iris Dayspark
    2. Jasmine Spark
    3. Sonic Flash

    Which one would you like to see?

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  • Tuesday
    New format for 500 mile races for Formula Equestria

    There will be a new format for 500 mile race (ie the current one I'm doing, the Nocturnus GP, which is 103 laps. The race will have three stages (like NASCAR) and the cars can refuel during the stage break.
    Stage 1 & 2 - 31 laps
    Stage 3 - 41 laps

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  • Tuesday
    Aria Blaze+Sonic Flash Next Gen?

    Do you think

    Read More

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  • Tuesday

    What would a Danger City Grand Prix look like?

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Question · 1:06am January 14th

What would happen if there was MLP-themed racing game?

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