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the fact that the fimfiction algorithm thinks an old Unsafe Space admins group is similar to a group dedicated to Nazis is extremely funny to me. · 3:38am January 13th

For those of you who don't enjoy tilting at windmills, The Unsafe Space is a very far right group on fimfiction. Several self-avowed monarchists and barely-not-fascists there. Sometimes the libertarians have good points shitting on neo-cons and neo-libs, but then will generally afterwards turn around and say something like a covid vaccine mandate is a worse threat to America than Slavery, the Civil War, WWII, etc. I and a few other more left-leaning (though not really any as far left as me at this point unless they're just lurking) individuals are in there because I enjoy suffering and also the whole "know your enemy" thing.

You can't visit their seemingly current since late-2017 admin group if you're not an admin, but you can visit and join the old abandoned one: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211646/the-reformation-christian-bronies-and-unsafe-space-administrative-group

besides the discussion forum providing a fascinating glimpse at the innerworkings of right-wing government via the lens of a Fimfiction group, there's also this "Similar groups" sidebar list, which includes... oh. Oh dear.

huh. Well, they say the company you keep says a lot about you.

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You telling me people who use "freedom of speech" to justify hate speech are mechanically similar to nazis?

Yeah, that checks out.

Not surprising.

You know that Illinois Nazis seen in the blues brothers? I need to like do an edit of that but replace Illinois with fimfiction

“Those bums won their court case, so they’re marching today.”
“What bums?”
“The f**ckin’ Nazi party.”
“Fimfiction Nazis…”
“I hate Fimfiction Nazis.”
*floors the accelerator*

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