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Hi, I'm Dinoman213 and I'm new in Fimfiction town as you may know I'm also on Fanfiction town.

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Somewhere, in a frozen snow-covered landscape where snowflakes were falling and cold winds are blowing, a small little creature appears out of nowhere and started leaping across the area. The animal was revealed to be a small rabbit with gray splotches, a long snout, two long canine teeth, and a big bushy tail holding a carrot in his hands. The Long-toothed Rabbit leaps over to a patch of tall grass with only his bushy tail showing and started scratching the ground. The Rabbit then lifted his head up and looked around before leaping away.

It stopped at an area and looked around to see which spots would work. The Rabbit headed over and started scraping the ground with his hand claws. Then he headed to the next spot and scraped the ground with his foot claws as he went off again. The Rabbit soon came across another spot and squeaked as he placed his carrot into the ground. But somehow the carrot didn’t go all the way in. Seeing that the carrot isn’t in yet, the Rabbit tries pushing it in as well as trying to screw the carrot into the ground like a screw but it still wouldn’t go in. So with much effort, the Rabbit decided to jump up and down on his carrot as he starts grunting in annoyance.

But at his last jump, the carrot sank into the ground but there was suddenly a strange sound as the Rabbit then had a look of surprise and confusion look on his face, wondering where it came from. A crack then appeared on the ground and started growing longer as the Rabbit looked underneath his legs and saw the crack getting longer until it reaches some blank white area.

It was later revealed that he was looking upside down and the crack appears on the blank white area. The Rabbit then got a look of shock as he turns and sees that the crack is climbing up a glacier until it reaches the top. But the crack didn’t stop there as it continues growing on an ice archway and climbed to the top of another glacier as a single small piece of ice popped out. After the piece popped out, the glacier came loose and falls on the ground with a loud thump as it starts moving.

Hearing the sound of the glacier moving, the Rabbit then had a dumbfounded look on his face as his left eye twitches a little. The Rabbit then looked up as the glaciers’ shadow loomed over him and ran. But before he could make a run for it, the Rabbit remembered he left his carrot and screamed as he looked back. Coming back, the Rabbit started getting his carrot out but he soon realized it’s stuck in tight. The Rabbit pulled harder as he sees the glacier gaining slowly and started pushing his carrot as he screamed. Not giving up, the Rabbit then yanked and pulled as hard as he can until his carrot was finally out and falls back.

The Rabbit then screamed and starts running as huge spikes of ice came raining down onto the ground. The Rabbit dodged every ice spike as he kept running and jumping with the glacier gaining right behind him and plowing everything in its path. While the Rabbit was running while watching the glacier behind him, he looks ahead and screams as he screeched to a stop. Out of nowhere, another glacier appears and is heading right towards him and the other glacier. Seeing that he’s in a collision course, the Rabbit ran the other way as the two glaciers collided.

The Rabbit ran as he sees the glaciers closing in and then slid across on his carrot screaming as he slides over to the light at the end of the colliding glaciers. But just before he could make it, the trail was getting smaller and smaller until the Rabbit got stuck between the two glaciers. The carrot popped out and so was the Rabbit while his body was being squeezed by the crushing glaciers until they were popped out and started falling.

The Rabbit quickly grabbed his carrot and embraced it until he quickly realized he’s falling and screamed as he falls down to the valley down below him. The Rabbit soon started sliding down a slope with his teeth while holding his carrot up and then slid up a ramp-like rock. Falling from the slope all the way to the ground, the Rabbit kept hitting those spots with a thump and a grunt. And just when the Rabbit finally landed on the ground, a huge pale light grayish mulberry hoof of a horse came down and stomped on him.


After being stomped on, the Rabbit noticed his teeth were in the dirt and pulled them out.

“You’re an embarrassment to nature, you know that?” A tall Alicorn mare with a pale, light grayish mulberry coat, a dark sapphire blue mane, and tail, with moderate purple and brilliant raspberry streaks, said looking down at him.

Then the carrot fell on the top of the Rabbit’s head and lands on the ground. Beamed to see it, the Rabbit quickly grabbed the carrot and embraces it with a smile on his face.


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