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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things · 10:26am January 8th

So apparently the most recent "mistake" I've made was in publishing Sunset: Stranded for people to read, rather than learning what I intended to from it, finishing it, and simply moving on.

Why, some of you might ask? Well, because while some were ambivalent to it, and some enjoyed, some went a little ... off kilter over it.

I've gathered that a few people were upset with how it ended, despite being a pretty good little arc. A few comments suggested disappointment at the end of the arc. A few seemed a bit unhappy.

However, to the individual who downvoted the entire rest of my Fimfic library in one mass, swooping troll to express their anger ... Really? That's your chosen course of action to "thing I liked ended," possibly with "how dare it not end the way my headcanon desired?"

It was pretty swift. Stranded's last chapter went up. It was up long enough for a few people to read it, some to express appreciation for the conclusion and what resulted, others disappointment.

Then came the downvote ... and then minutes later one on my most recent story, and then the story before that, and so on and so forth through my whole library.

Because yeah, that will show me.

Look, I'm fine with people not enjoying Stranded. I said myself in the opening notes that it was a swing-and-a-miss, but I was sharing it anyway because "what was the harm."

I didn't realize when I made that decision the harm would be "downvotes across the whole library."

What's done is done. And a new record is set for petty behavior.

I'm not taking anything down. But I'll definitely reconsider such sharing such projects in the future.

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Shame on the one who did this. An absolutely pathetic action that helps no one.

Wow that's so rude

Agreed, what a petty and pathetic action for the jerk to take. I say ignore whoever it is and don't give them the satisfaction of changing how you do things.

Don't give whoever did the downvotes the satisfaction. They're trolling, pure and simple.

If you let them change the way you do things, they win. You do you and screw anyone who has a problem with it.

I would never dislike a story like this. It takes a lot to make me even consider doing so.
My "thoughts" when I dislike something:
- Is it because of my personal preference? No dislike.
- Is the author inexperienced and still learning? No dislike, some tips if I am able.
- It is not what I expected/wanted/liked. No dislike, I'll just move on to find something else instead.
- Does the author throw in al lot of "propaganda" towards their opinion/religion? That might actually get a dislike from me.

I very much liked this story. Only think I am a bit sad about is that there will probably be no sequel. I always like the reactions that often come at the end. Such as the reaction of Celestia towards Sunset once (if) she returns.

Wow, that's just...I don't even know. I liked Stranded and how it ended, well mostly. Good set-up for future stories.

However, to the individual who downvoted the entire rest of my Fimfic library in one mass, swooping troll to express their anger ... Really? That's your chosen course of action to "thing I liked ended," possibly with "how dare it not end the way my headcanon desired?"

Yeah, that's nothing new. I know for a fact that there's someone out there downvoting every story I release as soon as they see it's out. I've also heard that there are people out there who downvote any story written by an author with more than 1,000 followers in order to "keep them humble" or something like that. I have no idea if the regular downvote on my stories is due to that or someone I unwittingly offended.

Point is, it happens. Try not to take it too personally. Some people are just petty.

People will do that. Don't let the one who isn't human change your perception. Plenty appreciate the work you do, and those who care will learn something from it as well.

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Thanks everyone. It was just ... Galling. Like there's still a user around that downvotes everything I write as soon as they see it (part of a group, but the other two "members" have apparently had their accounts removed as those downvotes disappeared). And I've been hit by the swarm brigade before, but that was back when I just had the one story.

This one just galled me because it was a new form of petty. Downvoting everything because a story ended and they (I presume) wanted it to continue? Who does that? There's a bar labeled "low" out there and they slid under it with room to spare.

To those of you that did enjoy the story: I'm glad. I know it's not perfect (experiments usually aren't), but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. Thank you for the comments on it explaining what you both liked and didn't like. It helps refine what I picked out and learned from it.

Seriously though, what a troll.

I have this problem with being downvoted all the time for no reason

TBH, I haven't read it yet. I was waiting to find out what it was a crossover with and I'm not really well versed/interested in GoW, thus I believe I will give the story a pass. No offense meant for any fans of the franchise, but it doesn't really interest me.

Illegitimi non carborundum. Yeah, I know it's a nonsense Latin phrase, but it still counts. I've written and published a few things that got some people upset. Heck, I wrote a story that had Nazis in it. That being said, I've avoided writing a few ideas that I know would just wack the hornets' nest without any real positive benefit. I generally ignore my story ratings (except for occasional gloating for my ego). I think the first rule of writing matches Gumball Rally in the first rule of Italian driving.

Wow. Just, wow. :facehoof:
I loved this story. :pinkiehappy:
I know I wasn't supposed to, you were clear from the beginning you considered it a failed experiment and had no intention of continuing it. I read it anyway knowing that, and fell in love with it. Whatever flaws it had, it was perfect with them. I was even a little jealous that your failure was still light years beyond any of my successes, but that's on me, not you. You're just that good. :raritywink:
Am I very sad that I will never get to read the other two stories you originally had planned for this? Yup. :pinkiesmile:
Do I think that ever justifies acting out like a child, and throwing a literary tantrum? Of course not. :twilightangry2:
I love your works, and even when you figuratively break my heart (like this :twilightblush:) I still support you. And I am really looking forward to your next book, so cannot wait to read it.
So please, wash the salt these idiots have thrown away, and please keep sharing even your 'tossed books'. Because, hey, they really are that good, and we still love them.

That's pretty gay

That is... unbelievably rude and petty. I loved Sunset: Stranded and I'm very eager to see the the sequel!

And this is why I wish at least the staff tracked who rates stories/comments/etc.
Just in case some dumbfuck abuses it for stupid shit like this.

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't care for the GoW crossover.

But when it was clear it WAS a GoW crossover? Bruh, I just walked away.

No salt, no dumbfuckery. Just a quiet, verbal "Mmm... nah." and unFollow. (Of the story, not Viking)

If you read this, whoever you are? Are you proud of yourself?

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