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Update on GoFundMe and Myself · 3:44am Jan 7th, 2022

Hi everyone,

So firstly I want to say thank you to absolutely everyone that donated to, shared, or saw my GoFundMe, it was fully funded so fast. I was able to get new tires put on and frankly I'm embarrassed at the state the old ones were at. They certainly were not safe to drive on. I am forever going to remember everyone's help and I can only hope to help you all in the future or pass the gesture on in the community!

Additionally and more important, though, I was able to pay my rent and utilities through to the end of the year thankfully, and in even better news, I received confirmation just this Monday that I have finished my degree in engineering! I generated a little report and I found that I did 14 credit-hours in math alone, from Calc 1 to Numerical Methods to Differential Equations. That's enough to be a full-time student for a semester, only doing math. And I remember I hated doing even just calculus in high school. Again, I am so very thankful for everyone's support to help me get through engineering school. I'm still just stunned at it all.

Since graduating, I've talked to my boss for my part-time job and gotten more things to work on and thus more hours, and I'm on the search for a full-time job. I look forward to what is in the future, for the first time in a while. Hopefully I'll find one soon and I can update if it's good news. Imagine if I actually become a rocket scientist?

In pony, there's not much new unfortunately! Recently read Monochromatic's story Open Secret after helping her a little on it, it's very good!

For pictures I can leave you all with, here is a picture I took a few years ago in White Sands National Park, of my friend jumping off of a sand dune.

And here is a picture that Monochromatic herself took of me. She tells me she has more of BC and that she's lost them somewhere in her apartment, but I've not yet given up on bothering her. Not until she finds them.

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Glad to hear that turned out well, and congratulations on the degree! :yay:

Wow! What're you going to do with a Bachelor's in Latin?

Oh I'm so glad! And congrats on the degree. :)

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