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Not going to be writing this much · 3:02am January 7th

Just to let everyone know, I might not on here that much this year as I am going to be working on something else. I am going to be busy all the way until November 8th, perhaps after as I will be on the campaign trail in my home county.

I am running for The office of County Clerk of Jasper County, Missouri on the Libertarian Ticket!

It is because of that that I might not have much time to write stories. Despite what some people may claim.

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Good luck to you on your campaign from a fellow Missourian!
I'm in St. Charles County, or I'd definitely vote for you!

Comment posted by DakariKingMykan deleted January 7th

Knowing Mykan, if I do win, he will be fuming and perhaps writing a story with me as some villain who stole the election on Ponyville for something.

5625249 Well, he's more than a bit "loco in the coco", as Pinkie would say, so I wouldn't pay him much mind.
I'M still trying to wrap my mind around how a person who so obviously hates FIM as much as he does, persists in writing MLP fics.
Makes absolutely NO sense to me.

Comment posted by DakariKingMykan deleted January 10th

5625529 Y' know, I could have SWORN that I had you blocked, but here goes (again):
MOST of us write because we actually LIKE what we write about.
But if raging and ripping things like MLP apart for your own amusement is your thing, more power to you.
I just don't understand that mindset, I guess.
But whatever floats your boat, I suppose.
Oh, and calling me "special" like that does NOT impress me. I know an insult when I see one, kid.

This is one of those "agree to disagree" things, okay?
You go your way, I go mine, never the twain shall meets.
I'm not going to waste my time bandying words with you on this.


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