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  • Saturday
    The Bob's Burgers Movie 🍔

    Coming from an idiot who didn't give the show a chance but recently gave it a watch and is currently nearing season 3 on Hulu already, this was a fun watch!

    Funny as expected, touching moments, catchy songs. Noice updates to the visuals, arguably as good as The Simpsons Movie.

    Plus, I'll take anything thrown at me if it means seeing 2D on the big screen again :3

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  • Friday
    Got another!

    Another cool bean to recommend for you all, give it up for Strawberri!

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  • Thursday
    Got this in the mail 😁

    I dunno what it is about them, but I'm a sucker for teaser posters like this.

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  • Wednesday
    A lovely shoutout

    For a lovely lady, give a generous follow to one fabulous LittleBitaMagic, formerly Saucyberry Serenade.

    Sweet, beautiful, knowledgeable and will give Rarity a run for her bits in terms of fashion, she's a wonderful coffee bean. 🥰

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  • 1 week
    Be HONEST — Chapter 7: Sisterly Loathe

    Dunno how I didn't realize I finished one and just forgot to put it up, lol.


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Ideaaaaaa! · 6:01pm January 6th

I just had an idea for an original story. :yay:

Okay, it's about a young boy whose stern parents treat him like a machine meant to benefit them by succeeding in the real world when he grows.

That's 'cuz...he IS a machine. A silver, dull little robot child where scholarships are his only friends.

However, he discovers other human children and the more he hangs with them, the more he sheds his metal exterior and becomes more of an actual child. In fact, his parents are the only ones who acknowledge him being a robot, everyone else just see him as "an odd kid".

The real meaning behind this is how some parents prepare their own kid's lives from the beginning and push them to grow up too soon instead of letting them have a childhood.🤖


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Comments ( 8 )

Seems like a great concept!

Okay this has some merit to it. Probably would have to iron out a few more details, but otherwise good idea.

I just put it all together the other day. Was thinking he'd have a stiff form, and a blank face with only two dot eyes, but he gets more expressive the more he has fun. 😊

I imagine this being animated in my mind, lol

love to see this as a pony fic though im not sure if it would work

Flesh this out, and you'll have an amazing story in the works.

(if you do it right, of course)

Now this is good soup

At the moment, it's just an idea. But it has all the potential to become an amazing story if given time and attention. Put it this way, if you made a full story out of this, I'd go into a bookshop to buy it. Bookstores are good places. Full of wonderful surprises. :)

Ok that makes more sense. Story wise you've definitely got your work cut out for you.

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