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When mom says, "Your sister's later." Just pray it isn't an accusation. Surely, she''d have told you first, right?! RIGHT?!?!

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Happy January Sixth! Because Something Happened Somewhere At Some Point. · 11:15am January 6th

Personally, I've always been a bit of a radical or extremist or whatever. I've been telling people that we, those who agree with me, need to round you, people who don't agree with me, up and then... good things happen for us and you... you can guess, because spoiling surprises for friends is wrong. Remember that time Pinkie knew something very important?

But yeah, I've been saying that for decades now... no one ever listened. Sad. But these days, more and more people are starting to show a bit of interest in my "suggestions", normal people who are fed up with you, non-normals.

Happy January Sixth, everyone! I'm sure no one actually cares because it wasn't even a big deal and nothing honestly happened last year. I mean if it were blm and antifa touring the capital, that day instead, the whole place would have been burnt to the ground and looted... in that order, in fact! Not the smartest bunch, those troublemakers, honestly, not by a long shot.

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