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with spring semester comin' up and me being broke as always, allow me to shill my own patreon lol · 2:45am January 5th

$1 a month gets you a shoutout, access to patron channels on my discord server, and early access to whatever the heck I happen to be writing at the moment! (Disclaimer: at the moment, not much lol.)

$5 a month gets you all that, plus the literary equivalent of grabbing me by the face and shouting WRITE SOMETHING YOU FOOL to get a new chapter written for any of my fics that you choose! Not only that, but you also get extended Youtube readings of up to 20k words instead of 10k, and a direct pipeline to my MS-Paint crap-tier art skills for your OCs to be giraffe-ified Sweetie Giraffe style on request!

Anyway, I'll be setting these Flim and Flam masks aside for now 'cause this is enough extremely shameless self-promotion for a decent while.

In other news, we have under 300 chapters left of What If before we hit 1000 chapters! We are guaranteed to see a What If 2 this year. :trollestia:

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