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New SotS Story with Genshin, Updates, Plans for the new year! · 7:36pm January 4th

This is gonna be a long blog, I can tell, but let's get right to it. First, the new story in the SotS multiverse!

Facets of Fate

This story is going to be a special one. 

Every week (or so) I will stream Genshin Impact on Twitch, and use the events that occur therein will be used to build this story.

The main difference is that the game will be played with a no-teleport challenge: we have to walk everywhere. However, as one of the main points of Genshin is that you get a lot of different characters, we will be able to have different people at different locations. This will force the story to diverge, as the main character (Jenny, here; Lumine in the game itself) will not be able to be everywhere. Events will be done as though only the characters currently in the party are there!

The exact rules of the no-teleport challenge are listed at the very bottom of this blog, if you’re curious. The streams will occur on my Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/gmseskii on Sundays at 5 PM PST (Pacific Time). End time is ‘whenever I feel like it’ but definitely before 10 PM PST. 

Yes this story does take place in the Songs of the Spheres continuity. Looks like the setting’s gonna get at least one more large story, ehe. Couldn't resist the call of the Tower one more time, it seems...

I will not promise the story completes—if there’s not much interest in it after a month or so I’ll probably stop it. But if there’s interest, I fully expect this to be a really fun way to not only craft a story, but also interact with you guys on a more regular basis. Still, I know I have a track record with my experimental fics not going the best, but I encourage you all to check it out anyway.

And yes, to those of you worried that I’m overloading myself, with this sentence I include a clause of “I’m allowed to take a break any week for any reason I want.”

Here’s to hoping this turns out well! 

What Else is New?

Well, let's see...

I'm still updating Wizard Space Program, my original story where a bunch of fantasy characters try to go to space with hard-sci-fi rules. It's actually doing really well, although it only updates once a month currently. Have fun with magic, science, and odd characters!

You all know Worlds Apart is still going, but I also have my fic Final Fantasy Aleph Null, which is a synthesis of the mainline final fantasy games. Unlike the new Facets of Fate, this story is essentially already written, so there's no worry of it going under. (Please though I need some readers/prereaders, I'm not sure about the ending...)

As for stuff that's new for me, well I'm also still in Graduate School for Physics, so that will take a lot of my time but it's also immensely rewarding and I'm loving how much I'm learning. I'm gonna send you lot to space one of these days. :pinkiecrazy:

Life really has been a bit crazy over these past few years, but I've managed to come out of it with my head up and my imagination filled with ideas; as well as growing significantly as a person. Which, I suppose, is how life goes, ain't it?

New Year and the Future...

With every new year comes a moment where we think about the future. And, unlike many times I've done this before, I'm actually not all that concerned. I have family, I have friends, I've got a pretty stable path to becoming a full physicist and getting a self-sustaining job, and I've got lots of stories (some more successful than others, but y'know). I fully intend to devote quite a bit of time to my studies, but I intend to never leave these stories to rot. (One of the benefits of having such a large backlog: multiple years of chapter updates stored up!) You may notice that I don't care too much about pony anymore, but I assure you, they will never leave my mind entirely.

In fact, there's another project of mine I'm working on in the background that features a Sweetie Belle... I don't want to get your hopes up, it's not LSB, but... well, a Sweetie will return, eventually. In an entirely new multiverse...

Someone recently claimed that Worlds Apart was the Deltarune to Songs of the Spheres' Undertale. I think what I'm currently working on in the background is more suited for that comment. It's not exactly a secret as the data for this project is available on the Discord Server, but I'm not announcing it... officially, yet. Expect something to come nonetheless. But, like, don't necessarily expect it SOON.

Anyway, here's to the new year! Thank you for following me all this time! (557 followers, wow.) Lots of new stuff on the horizon, and our entire lives are ahead of us!

By the way Feb 22, 2022 is on a Tuesday. The Twosday is coming!

As always, I love seeing new faces in the Discord Server. I have a Site... and a Patreon.

-GM, master of Twosday.

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Sorry for not keeping up with your non-pony stuff. There are only so many hours in the day. I did really enjoy what I read of Wizard Space Program; I'll have to get back on that wagon soon. Here's looking forward to more things for me to catch up on! :derpytongue2:

Awesome to hear your plans and I'm glad that you are in a good place. I tend to wait for a story to complete before reading it these days (saves on disappointment if it's abandoned, and stops me having to keep 500 plotlines fresh in my head) but rest assured that anything you write, I will read ☺️

I’m gonna wait till I finish SotS, but I’m sure that will happen eventually.

Do me a favor and never apologize for being late again when you've been on this site for over a decade now and have routinely commented on nearly every story to pass its borders.

This actually sounds like a fun as hell idea. Go for it, man

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