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Would anyone like to be a beta reader for "A changeling named Mute" and/or "King of Cosea"? · 3:45pm January 4th

Hello! I normally have a friend look over my chapters before I yeet them out at you lot, but I feel like the quality of my writing and my storytelling would greatly increase if I had feedback from more than one or two sources. I have already gotten feedback from Atlas INC on Mute-related stories before and I think it only helped improve the story. Now I wonder if some of you would like to help out with this? Would a few of you like to look over my story chapters before I release them so that they maintain a good sense of quality? I currently have two active stories that there are planned chapters for: "A changeling named Mute" and "King of Cosea". You do not have to be beta readers for both if you don't want to and if you are not too fond of my worldbuilding style then you certainly would not be fond of "King of Cosea", considering that it is set in its own world. I can only hope that a few of you would be willing to completely trash me. If your first glance at my chapters isn't spiteful and leaves me in tears then can I even consider it critique?

To quote a famous man with a pink mustache: "I am not a Machochist, but..."

I honestly like criticism. It can hurt, especially when it's about a particular part or aspect of a story I enjoy, but it can vastly improve the storytelling. And don't get me started on grammar! God my English could use an overhaul but I honestly don't know what is good and what is bad. Just know I can feel the Swedish pull on me. It whispers its seductive 'å', 'ä', and 'ö' and it wants to break free. Without your help I dön't tånk I cön contäin åt.

But in all seriousness, my Swedish syntax very easily slips through and I often get it mixed up with the English one. While it should be the work of an editor to find and correct these errors I can't afford one, and even if I could I would probably be too cheap to go through with it. So I appreciate any help you can give me considering grammar.

So that is the gist of what I want. Beta readers that are willing to absolutely trash my work, grammar, and worldbuilding. I also appreciate any editing help that such readers could provide. So if you feel like that this is something you can do then just comment below and I'll get back to you. At the moment I have two beta readers for "A changeling named Mute" and zero for "King of Cosea". So I will likely accept more people willing to read the latter or both than those who just want to read "A changeling named Mute".

Have a good day now and I hope some of you are interested!

(Also, merry Christmas and happy new year! I forgot to say that to you all. I hope your days of rest were great, I myself have ten days of work ahead of me and I already feel ready to collapse. I think I may be a bit weak.)

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I would like to be a beta reader for A changeling named Mute.

Great, as you are the first to comment I'll gladly pm you the unpublished view password and chapter.

Comment posted by KingSombraTheTyrantRuler deleted January 4th

If you need a editor I could help free of charge

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