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Writing Space Battles is hard · 1:33pm January 4th

Here's what I got so far.

As soon as Crimson finished his orders, the enemy fleet began jumping out of hyperspace. Every single one of Tirek's capital ships began to launch their fighters and bombers, heading right for Crimson's fleet.

The corvettes opened up with their weapons, moving around to scatter the enemy fighters. Many captains even went for the enemy fleet, using their speed to evade the enemy weapons. This attack also diverted a few squadrons back to help defend the fleet.

Tirek's frigates began opening up on the nearest Equestrian cruiser, Iron's Strength, causing it to shake violently. Iron's Strength returned fire, hitting the bridge of Sombra's Tool, causing the frigate to break apart from the explosions. Death's Door launched its missiles, striking Iron's Strength, causing massive damage to the ship's hull. The mighty cruiser began to fall apart as the crew launched the escape pods, narrowly avoiding complete death.

A lot of this was written on my phone, so some grammar mistakes are to be expected. I'll edit them as I finish the chapter.

Let me know what you think and what could be improved.

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