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how far can they go? · 6:58am January 4th

What's your OC's maximum yeet distance? I'm not talking how far they can chuck a weight or anything.

I'm saying that if you loaded them up on a trebuchet, how far could your OC be flung given their size and weight?

Please give the measurement in number of bathtubs per unit amount of beans if you can.

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Considering my OC is taller than Alicorn Twilight before she got Celestia's body type, but shorter than Prince Blueballs Blueblood and is an Earth Pony...

I'm not sure, really.

let's assume a distance between here and there, defined by being exactly somewhere over in that spot.

That would be a fair assumption.

I guess to be a bit accurate with my facts... I'd say that maybe from where he's launched (Ponyville for example) to say.... the dragon lands?

I would assume that you'd have to modify the hell out of the trebuchet to toss his earth pony flank to have him land in the dragon lands, and not a pool of lava. Though with little to no modification whatsoever, I would assume he'd land in the center of Appleloosa.

Not really sure how to crunch the numbers for that in Bathtubs and beans.

I'll yeet back to that chapter of Crew-T in which yeet cannons were mentioned. With the use of a long-range yeet cannon, anypony can theoretically be yeeted to the moon. Tried and tested on my lil bat pony OC Moonlight, who is now trying to break through the fourth wall in order to speak to Sweetie Giraffe about how those lasers work and use them to zap the two of us as revenge for yeeting her like that. Yeet.

Anywhere from off in the distance to somewhere over the rainbow (the refraction of light, not the pony)

0.12 bathtubs per bean

2.879 bathtub per bean

There's not enough left of my only OC to yeet. Not after however long it's been since the Founders.

-42+27 bathtubs per bean.

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