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State of the Scribe: January 2022 · 12:46am January 4th

It's been another year! I hope everyone survived, I know it was a rough one for me. But here we are at the start of a new one. Hopefully a better one than the year we just left behind. Let's see what exciting things are waiting for us!

First, you'll notice Together We and Forbidden Places both finished last month, so they're not listed here. Together We was a oneoff commission and not in a slot, so nothing is replacing it. But expect a new story to take the forbidden place by the end of the month.

But I don't know what that new story will be yet, so I don't have a cover, so I don't know when it will come to Fimfiction. Next month, hopefully?

Sisters continues, so nothing to change there. One thing that is a little different this month is that Return to Sender is finally launching on Fimifiction. This story has been going on longer than the pandemic, to give you some idea of how old it is. But at long last, we're close enough to the end that I can start posting it on fimfiction for general readers.

That said, I don't want anyone who has been supporting it on my Patreon to have to wait all those months for all the chapters to go up, so I'll continue posting it monthly for you. That's why it has two colors on this (and future) charts, until the point when it catches up and finishes.

For those who haven't been reading all this time, Return to Sender is a sequel to Message in a Bottle, showing the world of that story a few years after the first ending (but not the huge timeskip epilogue). It follows a mixed crew of humans and ponies in the quest for first contact with a truly alien race, and the disastrous outcome.

So other than the new story I can't give you any hints about, what else is there to talk about? There's a new minific coming in hot, as well as the completion of an old one. That little story ended up big enough it will probably come to fimfiction.

Expect another few more extra minifics over the next few months. These were direct rewards for people who completed Nanowrimo with me, and the first one is coming on the 27th.

I spoke last year about my desire to make writing my full-time profession. While I only wrote two of the four books I hoped to create last year, I'm still highly optimistic as I edit these novels that at least one of them will amount to something publishable. I even have some art for one of them, which is in the second draft revision now. I've mentioned it a few times in these calendars, a magical girl story.

I admit I couldn't resist crossing over one of my favorite standby characters into a brave ponyless world. She probably seems a little familiar.

More to come, so stay tuned. Keep an eye out for the PDF of Together We for those who were waiting to read the whole thing in one place. I'll send that one out in a blog later this month.

Thanks so much to everyone who continues to support me. Your patience and support allows me to keep writing these stories long after I thought I would've been forced to move on and flip C++ or unload databases or whatever people with real jobs do.


Monthly stories on my patreon (first chapters are free. Will come to fimfiction when complete):

Dreamlands: The story of a batpony who ventures into the dreamlands to try and rescue Nightmare Moon from banishment and save her outcast tribe. Read at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-story-45878879

Frames of War: A Warframe crossover in which an old-war relic is opened on Equestria, unleashing the Infestation. Their only hope may lie in the hooves of a single Tenno. Read at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-story-frames-35421681

Return to Sender: Sequel to Message in a Bottle, this story chronicles Harmony's disastrous first contact with an alien race, through the eyes of Olivia's descendant. Read at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-story-return-27346632

Tall Tale of Sweet Sauce: A comedy about an ancient Equestrian "villain" returning from his banishment to earth as a little colt. Adoption may get in the way of his mysterious scheme. Read at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-story-tall-46197856

Diplomatic Solution: Equestria is uplifted into a spacefaring society, not to be received into a perfect utopia, but as the last best hope against a conquering force of magical aliens, who are sweeping across the galaxy. Ponykind doesn't know much about war, but it does know how to make friends. Maybe there's a way to solve things that doesn't need weapons. https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-story-30394496

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While I only wrote two of the four books I hoped to create last year


Every time I see one of these blogs I’m just like: Dang. Keep up the awesomeness, man!

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