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    Ok, so the girls are all in rehearsal
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New Years Update · 6:37pm January 3rd

Ok, so the girls are all in rehearsal
So I won’t have to worry about interruptions this time.

I revamped and reorganized my Patreon. Ow that I am a decent way through my original light novel. I may still throw up Pony related things or the like on there like free early access for chapters but it’s mainly aimed at promoting my original works. Here’s a link if you want.

Also, we have been snowbound for nearly two weeks. I love snow but I’m tired of the sub 0 temperatures we’ve also been having. And that’s 0F if anyone wonders. My car can’t even get traction enough to get out of our parking space after shoveling sometimes. Food supplies are running low. I hear drums… drums in the deep.

Well, not really. It’s a bit of work to get out but we can. We went and saw No Way Home in December.

Anyway, I’m still here and still typing away. Hope you all have a blessedly good year and may the goddess watch over you!


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Those drums be the growling of hungry bellies. Feeeeeed.

There once was a cat with a hungry belly…

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