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...oh · 2:07pm January 2nd

I've come to a point in the story where if this was the actual mlp show, there'd be a song playing

...why has this happened now I have to yeet my brain to think of a replacement for song moment

Report iAmSiNnEr · 199 views · Story: For Whom the Twilight Falls ·
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Write a song.

For a story I have in progress, I need to write a song in Latin.

Great advice, mon ami.

Well, the song could happen and every creature sings it, except for Chrysalis. After the song ends,they all look at her and she says something along the lines of, "What? Changelings are tone deaf."

It's more of Discord going "Laughter is great for your soul", tbh.

and then it comes down to this between Discord and Chrissy :rainbowlaugh:

but yeah, guess it comes down to either use the same song, skip it entirely or maybe change it up a bit, but since its giggle at the ghostly I'm not sure what could be changed

I heard somewhere, possibly my own hallucination, that Shakespeare—William, not -icles—often only wrote "they fight" or "they x" as stage directions. So if it's good enough for the Immortal Bard, it's good enough for us!

Or have the number interrupted, I dunno. My brain avoids having to make up music stuff at all costs. Good luck!

More context: it's not giggle at the ghosty. Discord is singing to cheer up foals who lost their teachers and can't learn anymore. And in some cases, to cheer up Ponyville.

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