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It's A New Year (1/2022 Update) · 10:45pm January 1st

So, it's 2022 now. We'll have to see how this one goes--there does seem to be something of an unfortunate trend with the 2020s thus far.

That said, 2021 seems to have been a mixed bag for everybody, but for me, it wasn't too bad of a year. It was definite improvement from the previous year at least. In terms of fanfiction though, not especially eventful for me, as I'm realizing I only posted a mere three fanfics this whole year. Which I guess isn't that surprising, since I was never an especially frequent poster, but it does feel like fanfiction wasn't where it was at for me this year.

And looking ahead to the next year, I'm wondering if that'll be the case moving forward too, because I honestly haven't been doing that much fanfic writing lately. In fact, I've kinda been striking out in this area, if I'm honest. I had one idea that I had previously conceived but then abandoned as unworkable, but then found a new approach to it that I thought might work, got about three chapters into writing it, then realized it wasn't working out after all and abandoned it again. Now, even though I have come up with other new approaches to this idea, I'm hesitant to commit to writing it in fear it'll just turn out that won't work either and have to abandon it for a third time.

I've been wanting to write another Smollus fic, but haven't been able to settle upon any premises that I like enough to commit to writing--most of them just feel too much of the "same old, same old," and I want any such fic to at least still be able to offer something new to the table that my previous fics haven't already done...which is proving easier said than done, ironically.

I also keep thinking I ought to try my hand at a G5 fic, but likewise haven't been able to find any premises I feel are worth committing to writing to. Closest I've gotten would've spent most of the fic leveling a subtle criticism at some of the style of speculation I've seen fans make in regards to G5, and dealt more with G4 than G5 and didn't actually feature any of the G5 cast (in fact it was otherwise securely set within G4 rather than G5 still) and thus I didn't feel any pressing need to commit to it.

And of course, there's that good ol' "swansong fic" that you all have surely seen me mention before in these blogs but otherwise know nothing about. I still consider this fic an "active" project, but in reality, I have been doing much of any writing on it currently, and while I still think it's a seriously great idea (seriously--there's a reason I've spent so long with it, I've been going the extra mile with it far more than most other fics)...I am starting to feel like I missed my chance to get my most ideal audience for it, and it's been a struggle to find the motivation to persist with it when I have other projects pressing for my attention too.

I guess what I'm saying with all of this--besides just getting some random ramblings off my chest on the subject--is that, when it comes to fanfic writing, I don't really know what the future might be for me. I've long known there would come a day when I inevitably stop fanfic writing altogether in favor of focusing on other projects...maybe that time's finally coming sooner than I had previously thought.

Aw, but let's not be a downer about all of this. For now, let's just say that I've hit something of a lull in fanfic writing, but I'll keep you posted on any forthcoming projects worth discussing as they come up regardless. Surely something of interest will pop up eventually. :twilightsmile:

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