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    I Have 100 Watchers On DA!

    Here’s the poll on what I should do in commemoration of this milestone: https://www.deviantart.com/goldenflaremlp/poll/I-ve-reached-100-watchers-What-should-I-do-to-commemorate-this-occasion-8135750

    Also, I will return to my stories soon, real life is still in my way right now.

    Have a good evening and stay brony, my friends :moustache:

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  • 4 weeks
    Busy Day Today

    I might not be working on any new chapters for right now, because we have people working on our house and our pets are going to freak out, so I have to stay focused on keeping everybody calm today.

    Have a good morning and stay brony, my friends.

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  • 9 weeks
    March 2022 Keyblade Commissions

    Yup, I’m doing it again :twilightsmile:

    Details here.

    Have a good day and stay brony, my friends :moustache:

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    Recruiting a Team For a Pokémon Fan Game

    I know I’m supposed to be writing my fanfictions, but hear me out; using Pokémon Essentials and RPG Maker XP, I’m planning to make a Pokémon fan game called Pokémon Cognition, but I’m overwhelmingly short-handed at the moment.

    I’m including a link to my request for help with my fan game from Relic Castle: https://reliccastle.com/threads/4720/

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  • 14 weeks
    Feeling Better+

    I’m starting to feel a lot better now, thankfully! :pinkiehappy:

    Now for the plus part. I’ve just entered myself in a SSBU tournament, since I’ve recently acquired Online Membership, and I’m trying to train for it, if anyone wants to practice with me, I’m game!

    Arena ID: CY37L

    Have a good day and stay brony, my friends :moustache:

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I Got A Nintendo Switch Lite For Christmas! · 8:25pm January 1st

Yup, it finally happened.

Now I don’t have to share a Switch with my brother anymore :ajsmug:

Plus I got Pokémon Shining Pearl AND became Champion to boot! And at Midnight during New Years Eve! Talk about a great way to kick off the new year! :pinkiehappy:

I hope I can find more people to play with, right now I only have one friend on my Switch friend list :twilightblush:

And now back to business; I WILL get back to work on my stories, I’m just still busy IRL, so I just need more time, okay?

Have a great New Years Day and stay brony, my friends :moustache:

Comments ( 19 )

Congrats on the gift, bud.

The Switch is a real good gift.
I fondly remember getting mine for Christmas on 2018.

Though beware of joycon drift. Its a PAIN.


Nice. What's your team in Pearl?

Nice~! Great way to start the year!

Thanks guys :twilightsmile:

Oh, trust me, I know, we dealt with that on the main Switch

My main team, or the one I used to beat the Elite Four and Cynthia? Because I had to change up my tactics to beat Cynthia. Spoiler Alert: Spiritomb is a pain to deal with :applejackunsure:

5623326 Okay, here it is:

5623328 Don’t know for sure, we had our stepdad blow out the control stick with a can of pressurized air, it worked for a moment, then went back to drifting

Noice. I had


I hate joycon drift so much.

Golden flare: And now back to business; I WILL get back to work on my stories, I’m just still busy IRL, so I just need more time, okay?

You get 5 seconds upon reading this.

5623341 Not a bad lineup, I personally tend to stick with the first 6 Pokémon I catch, since they’re my team from the very beginning, so it makes sense that I at least try to finish the journey with them

P.S. I always thought that Golbat can only evolve into Crobat via trade, but it flat out evolved when I leveled it up

That is the team I first caught with the exception of Manaphy. I did have to have some filler before I caught some others. But yeah. This was my team and I loved them

5623632 I’m glad you love your Pokémon, honestly, and I’m glad you stuck with your original team as well :twilightsmile:

Thanks. It just felt right to stick with them

5623702 I know the feeling :pinkiesmile:

Yup. Have to find a new member sadly if I want to do post game stuff. (Which I do)

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