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Hello & Goodbye! · 8:35am Dec 31st, 2021

Hey everyone.

Normally I wasn't planning on ever coming back here but after two years of thinking back and forth, I've decided that it would be fair if I give you a MUCH needed update on where I've been. To start this off, NO I am not dead and NO this does not mean I'm coming back here. I've officially retired from writing stories even before I went dark two years ago. Not only that, but love for MLP has faded even before the series ended back in 2019. As I mentioned in last blog from back in 2019, I've long debated on where my path would take since I graduated from high school and a lot has happened since then. I have just graduated from community college this past summer and got a degree on English, I've recently moved out of my parent's house and moved into a small apartment near where my job is, came into contact with COVID about a year ago but I've since recovered, I finally got my drivers license and my first car, and I am happy to announced that I'm engaged with my girlfriend! Who know a lot could happen in just two years alone!

This blog has been in the back of my mind for a long time now that I am finally out of the shadows, I can say with such that it was worth it. And as much as I would like to share more with you all, I'm going to wrap this up and say, thank you all so much for all the fun and excitement here on Fimfiction. While there have been plenty of ups and downs during my time when I was still around here on this site, if it wasn't for your motivation and continuing support, I don't know where I would ever ended up. While I may be done with ponies, I'm certainly never going to stop writing. I'm considering the possibility on continuing my passion on writing over to Fanfiction. Be on the lookout if you ever find me there. Wherever my life takes me, rest assure I will never forget you all. I'm going to miss you all and hope you all succeed in whatever achievements you manage to accomplish.

To all my friends, past and present, goodbye and may God bless you all.

Until we meet again, PEACE!

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For that, I wish you all the best in your next endeavors. You shall be missed my friend. Adieu, mon Amie.:heart:

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