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    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3! What a perfect sendoff!!! (SPOILER)

    I finally watch my most anticipated MCU movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and oh boy, it did not disappoint!!!!

    After years of Vol. 3 being put on hold due to James Gunn's brief firing by Disney as well him working on both The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, Vol. 3 has finally arrives to a satisfying conclusion to the ragtag team of misfits.

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  • 7 weeks
    Eating at Japanese Kitchen

    I am having a birthday lunch at Japanese Kitchen (My birthday was 2 days ago)

    I love me yummy fried rice and teriyaki chicken and shrimp! 😋

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  • 7 weeks
    My Mom and Dad got me a new IPad!

    Around January 2023, my IPad got broken up for no reason... so I ends up using my Dad's IPad (through, he rarely uses it)

    Now, I finally got my own IPad on my birthday!!!!

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  • 7 weeks

    I AM OFFICIALLY 26 YEARS OLD!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

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  • 10 weeks
    I got 3 Wisdom Teeth remove! :)

    Today was me getting my 3 wisdom teeth out! It went very well and people were very nice to me!

    One of tooth were decaying and didn't have hard time removing it.

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My personal ranking on 2021 MCU movies and Disney+ shows · 3:03am Dec 30th, 2021

After watching all 2021 MCU movies and Disney+ shows, here's my own ranking on them.

MCU Movies

1. Spider-Man: No Way Home (My personal favorite 2021 MCU movie and it was fucking awesome movie I ever watch!)

2. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Again, awesome movie with one of the best MCU villain!)

3. Eternals (It was good movie, it have issues but overall, I do like visuals and it felt like an independent movie with Hollywood-sized budget)

4. Black Widow (It was okay at best… I feel this movie was more of apology gift to those who are upset with Black Widow's death in Endgame and it have villain problem)

MCU Disney+ Shows

1. Loki (I absolutely love it and it was blast to watch and I can't wait for Season 2!)

2. WandaVision (I love the sitcom elements and it was very different than most of MCU movies! Oh! Agatha Harkness is the best MCU Disney+ villain and I am so happy that she got her own show! :pinkiehappy:)

3. Hawkeye (I am sucker for Christmas-related show or movie… I enjoy the chemistry between Clint and Kate and I will say that I enjoy Hawkeye more than Black Widow movie… how ironically!)

4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (It was a good miniseries, it have issues, especially the main villain who is my least-favorite part of the show… but the chemistry between Sam and Bucky and not to mention Baron Zemo are most entertaining part of the show for me!)

5. What If…? (I am appreciate that they do animation but I sometimes feels some of animation look off and it feel like doing a chore… the only reason why I watch it all the way is because this show set up important elements for future MCU movies or shows like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

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Yeah I admit for me Eternals was a seven.

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