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Top 3 Embarrassing KM Moments · 9:25pm Dec 26th, 2021

A Lesson in Laughing at One's Self

#3: The BOLT "Incident"
I'm a simple human, so it's a no-brainer when I say that movie theater popcorn is THE BEST POPCORN. At the age of 7, I went to see Disney's BOLT with my mother and ate a large popcorn before the movie even started. About over an hour into the film, my greed came back to haunt me and tried to store it in my cup before I ended up going Exorcist all over my pants. 🤮

Had to leave early and I eventually finished the film when it came out on DVD.

#2: The Coraline Incident
Another oopsie at the movies, this time with my dad, when around the time Coraline was entering the Other Bobinsky's place...with the rats. I thought I had to let out a li'l 'pfft', but it became more along the lines of 'pfjfjdsnsodjffndidkdttt'. You put the pieces together.

Luckily (or unluckily, 'cuz younger me was traumatized after finishing the movie, lol), we didn't leave the theater. Dad just cleaned me up a bit and we went back to our seats.

#1: A True Nerd
Being an animation lover then and now, I've always gone to school and tried to look like more animated characters than I care to count...but here we go. 😅

After seeing Bee Movie, I showed up to school with a party hat tied to my rear as my stinger. Watching Flushed Away got me making rat tails and bowties out of cardboard. Nightmare Before Christmas got me drawing "stitches" across my lips and fingers with markers and/or pens. Tried (and failed) to make a Keyblade outta cardboard as well. 🐝🐀💀🔑

I told other kids to call me Jack, to call me Buck, to call me Roddy, to call me RJ or Sora.

There were a ton of animated characters I wanted to be and would try to act as said character, especially my boy Jack Skellington. He was my idol of coolness. 😎

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I used to think that Bolt was about a super-powered dog, and not about a dog who thinks he has powers. It took me around two to four years to realize the story.

Glad I wasn’t the only one XD

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