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    Stay easy as a filly!

    ~ Fluttercheer

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New Story is released: "Sunny Starscout & Izzy Moonbow: Serial Killers" · 6:51am Dec 25th, 2021

Good things come to those who wait. I can't believe that I really worked on a story on Hearth's Warming Eve of all days, but here I am, that's what I did. I'm crazy. I'm insane. Call me a lunatic. No, wait, don't call me a "lunatic", because that term is insulting to Luna. Call me a loco. Because I am a complete loco for working on Hearth's Warming Eve instead of celebrating with food, music and chilling. But a loco is what we need today and if we don't count myself, you'll get two locos today.
Fillies and gentlecolts, ponies and creatures from the first to the last row of the theater, I present to you my first, full Generation 5 story.....

A month ago, I was talking about a new horror story I am working on. Now, almost exactly one month after that reveal and later than I anticipated because of a Hearth's Warming Season that started great, but then turned much more stressful than I thought possible, here it finally is!
"Sunny Starscout & Izzy Moonbow: Serial Killers" is a comedic horror story that lets us look into a universe in which Sunny and Izzy are more than the cute, charming mares we came to love. They are serial killers. And psychopaths. Both of them are more than just a little loco in the head, Sunny is the bigger insane mind of the two, but you wouldn't trust either of them at night in a dark back alley. Both of them love to hear their victims scream or, in Izzy's case, stand around and look pretty for Izzy's delight. And they are about to go onto a new adventure together, an adventure that will leave dead bodies in their wake.....
This story is inspired by the cover of the first Generation 5 book "A New Adventure" and in my head ever since the reveal of the cover on June 24th, then I received further inspiration when I saw the "Sunny Starscout Mix and Make" playset and the "Critter Creation Izzy Moonbow" playset again. Izzy loves animals..... a little too much. And Sunny is always determined to make the smoothies she mixes taste the best she can, with only the finest ingredients..... I can't promise that a rainbow will be in them, but the color red is definitely present.

So, my first, full story about Equestria's distant future that Generation 5 shows us is an alternate universe story that, if I keep doing my writing job well (and I will) and if enough of you read it, might just become the "Cupcakes" of Generation 5. It's an unexpected and weird start for my Generation 5 writing, but I am weird, so I am along for that crazy locomotive ride.
I can't tell at the moment if I'm the first one writing a story like that for Generation 5, but it definitely is a passion project ever since I saw the cover of the book and just had to think that Sunny and Izzy look like psychopaths on it. And thus, the idea for this story was born.
The update pattern and release frequency of "Sunny Starscout & Izzy Moonbow: Serial Killers" are not set in stone yet, but I am flirting with the idea to work on the next chapter two weeks after the previous one got released, to still find time for writing my other, unfinished multi-chapter stories. Which would mean that a new chapter would come a few days after that, approximately two and a half weeks from the release of the latest chapter. I will experiment with that and once I have settled for a release pattern, I will let you know in a blog entry and in the description of the story.

I'll take a well-deserved break now after finishing up the prologue and designing a cover art the entire day. Although only a short one, because I have two more stories planned to release this year. As a freelance author, I am not supposed to have crunch time, but I have crunch time anyway, so I will crunch down on that goal after I got something to crunch between my teeth. And some sleep. And if you want to help out an author who just sacrificed his Hearth's Warming Eve to meet his writing and release goal for the end of the year, you can support me on Patreon on the 1$ tier (the higher tiers are currently in the process of getting changed) or buy me a coffee:



Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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