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Snow Party Countdown · 2:02am Dec 25th, 2021

Merry Christmas, everypony! Rather than bug everyone with daily updates, here are all 25 ponies (and pets) included with this year's MLP Snow Party Countdown Advent calendar.

December 1st brings us Sunny Starscout:

December 2nd brings us Winona. With a unicorn horn. Dear sweet Celestia, what has magic done?!? This is also the day all six stickers included with the set have been included:

December 3rd brings us Zoom Zephyrwings:

December 4th brings us Minty:

December 5th brings us a recolored G1 Cha Cha (a llama, that like the pets has a unicorn horn; though one could just pretend she's a snow pony unicorn since since she also has a cutie mark):

December 6th brings us an unknown/unnamed unicorn. Any ideas?

December 7th brings us a pink Angel Bunny (with a horn):

December 8th brings us a blue Opalescence (again, with a unicorn horn):

December 9th brings us Dazzle Feather:

December 10th brings us Princess Pipp Petals:

Followed immediately afterwards on December 11th by her mother, Queen Haven:

December 12th brings us an orange Angel Bunny with a horn:

December 13th brings us a purple Opalescence:

December 14th brings us Shutter Snap:

December 15th brings us a pinkish Winona, with a horn:

December 16th brings us another unknown/unnamed pony. My best guess is Marshmallow Coco from G3, but with a unicorn horn, since everyone else in the set has a unicorn horn, so why not?

December 17th brings us Snowcatcher:

December 18th brings us Princess Zipp Storm:

December 19th brings us Gummy... with a unicorn horn:

December 20th brings us Ruddy Sparks (I think Ruddy is a stallion in the film):

December 21st brings us Argyle Starshine (I know Argyle is a stallion in the film):

December 22nd brings us a third unknown/unnamed pony. I think this one may be G3 Snowflake, with a unicorn upgrade and a change in hair color:

December 23rd brings us Phyllis Cloverleaf:

December 24th brings us Tank with a unicorn horn:

And last, but certainly not least, Izzy Moonbow is Christmas:

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All images are dead ADIS. :rainbowlaugh:


I see them, so either DeviantArt glitched, or they're cached on my computer.

Ah here now.


DeviantArt glitched then. No surprise there! Merry Christmas! :heart:

Thanks for sharing. :)
(...But again... the horns... why...)

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