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Hewwo ;3 · 12:36am Dec 25th, 2021

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Actually, you know what? You put out so much positivity.i would love to put you at the 70% mark

I’d say 65%

Every time I see you've popped somewhere, it's such a pleasure to see! Positivity seems to travel with you, bud!:heart:

Idk somewhere in the 50-70% range

Or 120%, because that’s how awesome you are! Rainbow Dash would agree… I think… :rainbowkiss::rainbowwild:

Not quite sure what you think of me, so I'm not sure if this technically counts, but I think of you as somewhere between an 80 and a 90. :raritywink:

Interacting on posts like this or looking back at the nice things you've done for me always brightens my day a little, it reminds me that there is still good out there, and that I do matter to people.

I’d rate you 60% and 100% so I guess that’s a total of 160% :twilightblush:

who are you?
I never seen one of your story's before
why did I follow you?
did you change your profile pic and name, and no logger recognizes you?

50% and can't wait for the next story update.

Happy Hive's Swarming/Merry Christmas! :pinkiehappy:

65% Without a doubt!


Naw, you don't know me well enough to say 100% :derpytongue2::rainbowwild:

That’s why 100% is having a crush. :scootangel:

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