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I am procrastinating. · 1:11am Dec 22nd, 2021

I mean, that's why I'm writing up a blog post, no?

So yeah. The holidays approach with the sure inevitability of a festive-themed glacier. Or something. The good news is, I've gotten just about all the big stuff tended to. Gifts have been acquired and wrapped (for the most part), and plans for the holiday weekend are in place. Even got a booster shot yesterday, which, roughly 24 hours later, has me feeling a bit achey, but it's certainly better than the alternative.

This said, the one thing still dangling over my head is ... Jinglemas. The good news is, I've gotten a little under 2k written already, so whoo! The bad news is, well-- look at the title of this blog post. It's just hard to get in the 'zone' when it feels like I'm gonna get yanked away from the keyboard for some holiday based errand at a moment's notice. At least when I was a kid (forever and ever ago) I could at least stay up into the wee hours of the evening and work on stuff, but these days I have a job that has me getting up stupidly early, so I've taken to a more daylight-based schedule.

Honestly, it kinda feels like ... homework? Though again, as a kid, the looming deadline of 'oh shoot I need to do the thing' didn't start 'til AFTER the 25th. So, y'know, the story will get done, if perhaps at the last minute. And, y'know, I have the vague fear that my Jinglemas recipient will wind up not liking the story, as I wound up taking the prompt in a slightly different direction. Little bit outside my wheelhouse, y'see. As apparently not everyone on FiMFiction wants to read silly Rarijack hijinks and/or more of Flash Sentry getting into trouble.

Which is another thing I need to work on. It's just I'm in a weird state of affairs where I'd like to work on other stuff but I feel a slight mental block because I feel like I need to finish the other thing FIRST yet at the same time I'm slacking on working on it, and, uh, yeah. Or maybe I'm channeling general holiday anxiety into this one thing? Or ... well, who knows.

Though the flipside (and, perhaps, more anxiety inducing thing) is that the other thing I SHOULD be working on is a huge opportunity. Which, uh, admittedly I am well aware it'll probably go nowhere, but if it doesn't ... Well. Optimism! It's slightly more likely than me winning a bajillionty dollars in the lottery, but not by much.

Still, while I may complain, I am stupidly lucky in that that's all I really have to complain about. So here's to hoping you all have an equally enjoyable holiday of your choosing-- or even if you don't celebrate, then I at least hope you all get some time to rest up and relax and otherwise ward off the creeping dark of winter. And stuff! Play with toys, drink eggnog, go watch Batman Returns, whatever.

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