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Hey all I'm Spy AKA SFL AKA whatever you wanna call me, anyway I like to write and draw, and here's where you can find my pony stories! I hope you're entertained and if not oh well I tried!

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wrow · 8:43pm Dec 9th, 2021

It's been a while, probably like a year? Or a bit less? Since I've been here


I have a scary amount of notifications and idk if I'm actually for trying to get through all of them haHA. Sorry that I just kinda vanished but it was a mix of things. I was basically burnt out on doing MLP fan works, I was really pushing myself to wrap up The Parasite toward the end of it and I wanted to move onto other fandom stuff, I ended up getting really into Rise of the Guardians so I've mostly been writing that, which of course would be posted on a separate site. And idk, there were some things that discouraged me from wanting to come back here anyway, I've had great reviewers but I've also gotten people that were just acting really entitled and angry, trying to get me to rewrite things to better suit them... I ain't about that. Constructive feedback is fine, not liking the direction a story went is fine, but trying to make an author change things? c'mon man

But yeah, like. I'm checking back in, wanted to see what I've missed, MAYBE look through some comments I've gotten since I've been gone? Though if you really wanna talk to me about anything it might be best to either leave a new comment or say it here, that way I'll be sure to see it. I can't say right now if I'll be posting any more My Little Pony fics. I do have things I want to eventually finish but I don't have the motivation for them right now. Along that vein, regardless of what my commissions blog post says, I'm not taking writing commissions at this time. I've let too many people down and I don't like doing that, so I'm taking responsibility and putting those on hold until I know I'm in a place where I'll be able to finish them. Art commissions, though, are a different story. You can still ask me about those, if you're interested. If you ARE curious about my non-MLP writing, that can be found on my AO3, though a warning, there's explicit content there. Read all tags, etc

That's it, really! To those who enjoy my works, sorry for just vanishing but I hope you enjoyed what I have posted, and I hope you're all doing well. I have so many notifications to look at :') Should be fun revisiting some of the things I've posted here though

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I hope to see something in your symbiote storyline sometime in the future. I will wait.:heart:

I'd love to return to it too! It's a world I still have a lot of love for, I just really burnt myself out on it, but these things happen. I have ideas for a continuation post-Parasite but it's something that still needs work, since it's mostly just a lot of disjointed plot points, though the characters at least have been pretty well-developed. I do hope to be able to put it together into an actual storyline and post it one day. :yay:

Just want to wish you well with life, and any future endeavors. Also, Merry Christmas!

Thank you! I'm about to finish a semester of college and tbh I got burnt out on that too, took too many classes all at once after like seven years of not having any sort of schooling, but it went well enough I suppose. Merry Christmas :D

Fingers crossed you see this but what happened to celestia's new life? I never finished it and when I decided to come back to it I can't find it.

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