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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.

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The Top Three Most Sympathetic Villains in MLP · 5:09pm Dec 9th, 2021

It's no secret that I usually love sympathetic villains, with the occasional pure evil ones. And in a series full of redeemed and sympathetic villains, there's bound to be some that could be considered favorites.

This list is all my opinion. If you disagree, be sure to tell me why in the comments down below. Also, if you haven't seen these villains before, there will be spoilers. You have been warned.

3. Sci-Twi/Midnight Sparkle

This girl is a treat to watch and cry for due to her situation. She's been bullied, ostracized, and blackmailed by her peers and principal at Crystal Prep due to her smarts and the way she was yelled at by Sunset Shimmer, despite the latter immediately regretting it, almost brought me to tears when I watched it. She is very relatable for those who've been through peer pressure and her midnight form was a hammy and active threat to watch as she came dangerously close to her goal on a larger scale than any other villain in the series and would've won if not for her only friend, Spike, and the equal power of Daydream Shimmer. I loved that she was redeemed and join the group as the seventh member of the Humane Six.

2. Gloriosa Daisy/Gaia Everfree

Gloriosa is exactly what most other redeemed villains should've been. Her actions were driven purely out of desperation to save her camp and family's generation-long legacy from a greedy businessman who wanted to replace it with a spa to add more money to his pockets. Her problems weren't petty and they weren't immediately fixed by the power of friendship alone. They had to work hard to fix her problems. Also, she's very hammy to the max and her demon form has one of the coolest designs in not only Equestria Girls, but the entire series as a whole.

1. Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon

Ah yes. The very first MLP villain in the series is, in my opinion, the most tragic and sympathetic of them all. She is the younger sister of Princess Celestia and the one in-charge of the moon, but grew so jealous of her sister's love and appreciation of her day over her night that she transformed into Nightmare Moon and wanted to create a night that lasted forever in order for it to be appreciated (despite the possibly unintended consequences). In response, Celestia regrettably no choice but to banish her own sister to the moon for a thousand years until the stars aided in her escape after that was passed. With the help of the Mane Six and the Elements of Harmony, she was pacified back into Luna and grew regretful for her past actions that she even created a nightmare spirit called the Tantabus to punish herself for said actions every night. Again, with the help of the Mane Six, she was finally at peace with herself and could sleep happily with no troubles. Her trauma was very poignant and her Nightmare Moon form was awesome from the design, to the hammy performance, to the voice acting. That's why she's, again, in my opinion, the most sympathetic villain in MLP: FIM.

What do you guys think? Who's your favorite sympathetic villain(s) in MLP G4 and why?

Comments ( 4 )

I'm going to suggest the order be reversed. That's all it is, a suggestion. You can take it or leave it as is.

Because only Twilight was coerced. Luna's relationship with her sister is certainly toxic, but it's not clear how much of that is Celestia being overbearing, and how much is Luna not standing up for herself. And even then, we only see clear evidence of this problem post-Nightmare Moon.

I love Gloriosa Daisy myself, but it's clear she didn't really know what she was messing with. While it's certainly possible magic messed with her mind while she was using it, she was technically endangering students, even before she became best Keebler Elf.

Twilight just basically wound up being lead around by her gadget, Cinch, and the other students at Crystal Prep. She's basically the only one we know for a fact was coerced directly into using magic.

There's arguably other classifications you could use, but that's just how I see it myself. At the least I think Twilight reserves the number one spot on this list, but that's just my opinion.

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