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  • Wednesday
    Innovation (Anthro)

    At this point, Griff felt like he’d been grounded so long that he had learned to stop speaking in broken Ponish.

    Quite literally, the only habit he had to drop was referring to himself in the third person. And although his phone and laptop had been taken, he figured out another way to express the way he felt.

    As the track played on the vinyl, Griff read out what he had on his notepad.

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  • Wednesday
    Griff’s “singing” voice

    Quotation marks because Atlas does both singing and rapping, and the song I’m listing here has more rapping and some of them harmonizing and stuff.

    Since Griff had been grounded for a month, it’d given him some time to find other ways of expressing himself. So he’d start writing songs.

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  • Wednesday
    Another portrait of Griff

    He’s got a vape :0

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  • Wednesday
    There's an LGBTQ+ flamewar going on in my chat

    So basically there's an argument going on about Chick Fil' A being homophobic while my teacher tells us about conservatives and liberals

    He had to disable the chat lmao

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  • Wednesday
    I’m trying not to laugh at my girlfriend while she’s doing math

    We’re playing Minecraft and she’s pissed at me for not enabling cheats and she’s organizing how to build the bunker we have and she’s adorably good at it.

    (Technically I had to enable cheats to put keep inventory on but you didn’t hear it from me)

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Tried it, Like it, but don’t have any more of the energy to play more of it tonight · 11:58pm Dec 4th, 2021

One reason why I hate always being tired is that I don’t have the energy to do fucking anything. Just fatigue all the time lol. It takes away from my academic success and my hobbies.

But I digress.

So far I’ve “traversed the white light” twice and I still have to figure out how to kill this big-assed (not even kidding) Asylum Demon. And holy shit does it have the biggest fucking dump truck I have ever seen. Not even my Auntie Anne could compete with that shit. Lol.

Enough with the thicc asylum demons. I’m probably gonna eat some cereal and take a nap. Overall though, this was fun!

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Good for you!

Well, glad you had a nice time, despite those things.

P.S. even when I’m not tired I don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything—

I dare you to post 5 more posts before midnight unironically.

Lmao. He's definitly the first wall, similar to daddy gasscan in Bloodborne. I'll give you a hint here because it isn't obvious at all: run past him and keep to the left. Only reveal it if you want it though. And I hope you will come back to it, Dark Souls is an amazing game.

I most definitely will. Especially because I look forward to talking to you about it. Also I realized that you meant the hidden door in the first encounter, which, I’d already figured out, shockingly. My problem was the second encounter. Bleh.

I think I finally figured it out though! I’ll let you know how it goes

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