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  • Monday
    Finally got my cards!

    They arrived like four days ago and no one told me they were here lmao. How all I’ve left to do is buy the rest of the set.

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  • Monday
    I had a draft open in my docs

    I guess I was planning to write a clopfic but the only thing it says on there is "Titty lids"

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  • Monday
    It's 5 AM and I'm watching a dating show where people dress up as animals

    The meerkat lady winked at the camera and now I'm questioning what life choices led me to this moment

    Edit: Now wondering whether or not I would date an anthropomorphic meerkat

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  • Sunday
    Hyperpop doodles

    I’ve got two, and they’re basically just him saying his voice claim’s lyrics. That’s about it.

    One is of a lyric I misheard in “push it !”

    It wasn’t “carsanual”, it was “crushed on a wall


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  • Sunday
    Josh Rule

    I was playing Rocket League in a match with someone named “Josh”

    Now I angrily scream “Josh” every time the other team makes a goal

    It’s a coping mechanism

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Slowly getting tired of r/idiotswithguns · 5:13pm Dec 4th, 2021

I see someone posted on the subreddit page, mostly in a video. Healthy trigger discipline, pointing the gun in a relatively safe direction, maybe a minor (non-lethal) infraction having to do with them not knowing how to empty the chamber correctly or some shit.

Turns out it’s because “everyone knows you’re supposed to point the gun up at a ninety degree angle if it’s the first Thursday of June and the sun’s out. Idiot clearly doesn’t even know he’s supposed to flick the muzzle three times and whistle before he puts another mag in. It’s the seventeenth waning crescent tonight, so he should also know to deep throat the barrel and click the trigger three times to make sure the chamber’s empty.”

Like, people go extra hard on first time shooters for minor infractions that aren’t even life threatening. Fucking weirdos. Lol.

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Eh, didn’t say they were. I’m just saying sometimes people get pissy over the smallest infractions.

I hate you for going on Reddit in the first place lol

Lol, it’s a nice place to browse from time to time when I get bored

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