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I Just Want One More Moondance With You... · 2:27am Dec 4th, 2021

And the wonder, of it all, is that you just don't realize... how much I love you.
Art by Doodle-Mark and Full-quality found Here

Despite unwisely making several impulse purchases, I wanted to spread a little of my earnings to an artist that I got linked to via Twitter. I'd love to have fan art of my work someday, but I really wanted to see an artist's interpretation of my favorite scene from the work so far. Always pay your artists, folks. Fanwork is great, but it feels good to spend some money so another person can put their talents to good use.

I hope you guys are enjoying Electro Swing. I know I am having a blast writing it. In the middle of writing that spin-off still, but enjoy some art in the meantime.

- Rego

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:raritydespair: :raritycry: Ahhh, my poor little heart, it's too heartwarming!

Amazing art acquisition btw! Great job by the artist

Read Chapter 11 and get back to me on this thought.

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