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  • Today
    I’m trying not to laugh at my girlfriend while she’s doing math

    We’re playing Minecraft and she’s pissed at me for not enabling cheats and she’s organizing how to build the bunker we have and she’s adorably good at it.

    (Technically I had to enable cheats to put keep inventory on but you didn’t hear it from me)

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  • Tuesday
    Grounded (Anthro)

    Griff sat with his feet up on the couch, watching TV.

    ”Hey, Griff. Get up and go wash the dishes.”

    ”But—But I just got home from work!”

    ”No buts. I’m sorry Griff, but you’re on chore duty. So go on. Do the dishes.”

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  • Tuesday
    New Chapter of Python up!

    In a sea of darkness, one tall, lanky figure awoke. 

    “Gallus? Sandbar?” 



    She gripped her tail nervously. Smolder shrugged the prickling chills from her shoulders and took one step forward on the cover of what looked like...ink? 

    A thick, loathsome trail of black ooze trickled from the soles of her claws. 

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  • Tuesday
    Simian (Anthro)

    Griff had been finding new ways to deal with his anger, but he never thought he'd end up destroying the whole house. Books and pages lay strewn across the floor, water was spraying everywhere from the broken sink, fragments of wood and glass laying across the floor, and even holes torn in the wallpaper.

    "Hey guys I'm- what in the heck?!"

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  • Tuesday
    I had a talk with my mom

    I really want her and my dad to acknowledge who I really am. So I laid out how I felt and how she's been making me feel lately. My depressive episodes. My self esteem issues. All of that. I told her.

    I think I stumped her and idk if I actually got through to her or not

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An Intruder (Art) · 4:37pm Dec 2nd, 2021

He actually looks soft as fuck wtf—

Someone probably saw him and punched him in the nose. Can’t say whether or not he’s actually malicious.

The way intruder is introduced is in a kid’s drawing first. A kid says he gets scared to go down the stairs at night because there’s a dark room, and that’s where he draws the big hooded dude with a smiley face.

That’s our intruder.

I’m thinking someone catches intruder Griff being a weird ass alien and then he just

Probably just freezes up when people see him and he looks creepier because his movements are unpredictable. He’s skilled in abducting children lmao

Anyway, here’s your boy

Comments ( 17 )

Woah...he's awesome...


thats so cool! great job!


*in a robotic whisper* “I am inside your home.”

why dont you practice at Rami’s house? shes gonna be home alone with the foals


Roses are red
quite like a mouse
your door is unlocked
I’m in your house

*normal voice* “Not a bad idea.”


time to scare the buggo

“Griff… we live in the same house.”

*coughs loudly as he drops his voice changer* “Flutterwings! Stop stealing my thunder!!”

Lol. Intruder Griff is basically still just an angsty teen, except he has cuts all over his face and he abducts children.

”Hey wait…why am I getting so upset when I could just kidnap her?”

Try it and Scorch will probably mount your head on a wall.

”He can try. Alternates like me can do some crazy shit. And look really weird in the process.”

“…Yeah, no kidding.”

”I, um..” *he just takes his hoodie off and throws it on the floor* “…never mind, the joke’s gotten stale..” *disappears*

“…The hay just happened?”

“No clue.”

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