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Would You Consider A Santa Hat 2021 · 4:27pm Dec 2nd, 2021

Howdy, everyone! Long time no blog, I know. School, distractions, laziness, yadda-yadda-yadda.

Anywho, it's December, which means it's time to resurrect a very old FIMFic tradition. For any young bucks out there, The Descendant was one of the old guards on FIMFiction. He wrote some of the most heartwarming, introspective, and wholesome stories back in the day. He excelled in writing Spike and Twilight stories, as well. He was the one who coined my favorite description of their relationship: "She's his big one, he's her little one." He is sorely missed among the "long in the tooth" FIMFicers like myself.

So in remembrance of him, and all the friends and authors who have moved on in one way or another, we don our Santa hats throughout the month of December. If you feel like joining in this little tip of the hat(pun absolutely intended), then you can find Santa hats on Descy's blog, and here is an online photo editor I used to make mine. Oh, and if you're one of those cool dudes/dudettes who doesn't jive on the Holly, feel free to add whatever headwear you want! I know someone used to put a Yamaka/kippah on theirs. And be sure to blog to spread the word!

Never forget that I fucking love you all. Til next time stay safe, stay free, and stay metal! Jake The Army Guy out!

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Comments ( 20 )

FoME is particularly hilarious, grabbing a new Christmas tradition every year.

Hat gang rise up!

I am in favor of this

Got on my windigo costume and all set for Hearth's Warming!

Done and done.

I intentionally did not change my fireworks all year, so I'm way ahead of the game.

Author Interviewer

I wasn't gonna, but I actually have a Christmas version of this pic so.

murr crimbo :B

Headgear Donner donned!

A man after my own heart! :moustache:


>no Helicoprion

Who even are you anymore?

Let's get this season started.

I will fight you


Without your tooth whorls, you're powerless!

See, that's where you're wrong. It's always been the Santa hats that give me power, and now there are three of them!



No man should wield such power...

Santa hat, engaged! :twilightsmile:

:raritydespair: :raritycry:

Time for the old classic.

Ahh yes, it is time.

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