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  • Friday
    I have a headache

    Sometimes I wish I could just stop being sad

    I get excited a lot, but when I get upset it’s like a slippery slope of perpetually negative emotions. I wouldn’t say that “nothing ever goes well for me” or anything like that. But sometimes I dunno.

    I just kinda wanna take a nap and be sad

    Anyone wanna join me?

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  • Friday
    I'm hungry asf

    Like, seriously. But I'm also picky as hell. I really want some sweet corn with the cool Queso-like herb sauce on it and some pasta salad but I can't fucking get it-

    7 comments · 18 views
  • Friday
    I slept in until twelve because I failed my Algebra test and I needed to cope

    It turned immediately from a B to an F after a 63. My Alg teacher said something about challenging us but Griff's big brain managed to forget everything about it. Miraculously I can remember song lyrics from something I've never heard before though. Oi.

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    10 comments · 30 views
  • Friday
    I think I have a crush on the pink Amoeba Sister

    Shut up I really like science okay

    7 comments · 25 views
  • Friday

    That’s all I want for my birthday

    10 comments · 34 views

And so it begins · 5:49pm Dec 1st, 2021


Better get destroying

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“My favorite time of the year~”

heh. heheheheh

*brushes against him*

*Blinks* "...Oh. I see. Hitting on my boyfriend..Again..In front of me."

*ears droop* “Oh...sorry, I-I’ll leave you too together...” *walks away*

"Mhm. Learn boundaries."

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