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    Hair Department: Umbrum Style (Anthro)

    “Okay, do we have everything? Flammable liquid, fire extinguisher? Spiny, do you have those chemicals ready?” Venom asked as the two changeling brothers walked down the staircase leading into a lower room. Their older brother followed behind them with a curious expression.

    “Remind me what is going on here…?”

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    How Bugbros deal with racism:

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  • Tuesday
    In The Bag

    Steel scrolled through all the texts he had sent, grinning in a clearly satisfied manner. He had been doing this for at least a few days. Boy, he wished he would see the look on Griff’s face.

    He kind of did, actually. He saw it all through the window of Griff’s won house.

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    But if you close your eyes

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  • Monday
    I know I’ve already asked this before, but…

    I’m still thinking of whether I should rewrite MTCG from the ground up.

    Like, I’m not sure if it’ll make a difference in my writer’s block or not if I start over. But at the same time, I feel like this entire thing could be better. Even then though, I must confess… I honestly have no idea how to even end this story when the time comes.

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*Insert Jaws reference here* · 11:12pm Nov 30th, 2021

Griff shook his flaming mane free of the several shards of glass. Bezier looked over, blinking in disbelief at the sight. “Yeesh, where’d all that come from? Crashed into a window or something?”

“When sand gets too hot, begins to crystallize. Perhaps Griffon should not have taken nose dive into that sand castle.”

“Honestly I’m just glad it didn’t cut you or anything.”

“Touche,” he replied sagely, carefully nodding the leftover flecks onto the ground as he sat down at the bench.

“Anyway, how’s Meta? Things going well with you and him?” Bezier asked.

“Ah, well…maybe…”


Griff sighed heavily. “Meta…was not very happy when I left without saying much…”

“Ah, I’m sorry…”

“S’fine. Let us change the subject…”

“Hm… how’s lil’ ‘Flutterbug’?”

Griff blushed, standing up and tugging his flannel hoodie on. “She’s doing alright…still a little bit wary after…the incident.

“Incident…?” Bezier blinked. “Oh… right.”

The autumn breeze flew by them both. Griff wiped his brow and began heading for the mall ahead. “Griffon suggests we do some shopping.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

-:- -:- -:-

As the two entered the mall, it was like a wave of heat just smacked them in the face.

“Ah, geez.”


“Where’s the AC when you need it?”

The umbrum glanced up. Sure enough, after many, many, many sets of escalators and flights of stairs, were the lined digits in a circular gadget.

“…Griffon thinks that’s our target. On the…thirtieth floor.”

“Wow. Thirty floors. They certainly had a lotta time on their hooves, didn’t they? I mean, check out that giant fountain over there!”

“Hm?” Griff’s ears perked as he turned to face said “giant fountain”. It certainly was a very large monument to behold. He chuckled to himself. “Compensating for something.”

“Definitely compensating.”

The two shared a hoof-bump, chuckling at their agreement.


They both shared a mutual “huh?”, staring confusedly at the swirling waters in what should’ve been an undisturbed fountain.

Bezier blinked. “…Did someone just fall in?”

“…or someone threw really big nickel.”

“Want me to… check it out?”

“Um…changeling is probably specially trained for these kinds of situations.”

“…but you’re part of the Umbrumian Navy. Don’t you specialize in people falling overboard?”

He was about to reply when a familiar group of changelings came walking up to the fountain.

No one other than the Change Gang.

“…siblings!” Griff cried. “Someone threw large nickel in fountain. Be extra careful. Might bite.”

The changelings stood awkwardly for a few moments, but then Flutterwings said something rather… bizarre.

“Actually, his name’s Grey. Not Nickel.”

Griff tilted his head and quirked a brow, then glanced at Bez, who shrugged with a similarly confused expression.

“Grey, huh?”

“We found him at a petting zoo,” Venom said simply.

“Petting zoo?” Bezier parroted in disbelief.

“Siblings threw poor, helpless animal in fountain?! Griffon is extremely disappointed,” the umbrum huffed, going to peer into the translucent, blue water.

Flutterwings gritted her teeth. “Uh, brother? That’s not—”



“AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” the umbrum screamed out.

Bezier blinked a few times. Sitting in the deeper-than average fountain was a great white shark.

“…Great tap-dancing Sombra on a billboard!”

Cricket winced a bit at Griff’s panic. “Uh…no. It’s a shark.”

I know that!

“What did you think it was, dummy? A llama or something?” Venom rolled his eyes.

“Venom!” Thistle scolded.

Griff narrowed his eyes. “I both love and hate you all at the same time…”

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Gang, I have one question

heheh, lol

*buries head in his hooves in disappointment* “What on Equus are we going to do with a shark?”

“We prevent him from getting turned into shark fin soup.”

“Well uh, we need to at least put him back in the ocean at some point.”

”Yeah, he kind of looks like he’s having a stroke…”

“Alright, alright…”

”Oi, okay…let Griffon handle this.”

Why did you put a shark in the fountain?

“Well, it was one of the closest sources of water nearby. He seems to like it.”

But...it's freshwater

“Relax, we’ll just put him in the ocean then.”

“Let’s hope there’s no female orcas nearby.”

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