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State of the Writer, November 2021! · 8:34pm Nov 30th, 2021

Yaknow, I was gonna complain about having gotten my COVID booster shot yesterday (and walked halfway across town to get home afterwards) and feeling like crap, but honestly? Between posting this week's video on my Youtube channel and writing this, I feel fine. :O It might be because the Tylenol is working, but I don't think I spent a whole day feeling like shit with the actual vaccine, either.

Anyway, if it's been six months since your last COVID shot, get a booster, they're being recommended for everyone. :B This has been your public service announcement.

So, writing! Everything I've done this month has been Deltarune related! It's all available on AO3 and Offprint! Go read it if you like that, I guess! I'm working on another one that probably won't be finished until next month, but if you want a sneak peek, it's in the usual place!

Seriously, this game has taken over my life. <.< I'm playing it through for the fifth time, not because I needed to play it through that many times but because I need footage for a fucking video game theory video I'm throwing together. Literally never done that before. Is anyone gonna care? Who knows.

That said, I haven't not written horsewords. The Captain's Princess fans will likely be disappointed to learn I started the next chapter but didn't even get a whole scene into it before the Deltarune obsession hit. c.c Sorry, I don't have control over this.

Did I mention I got diagnosed with ADHD this month? So that's something worth knowing about me now.

I've also decided it's time to pull the trigger (hah) on my Fallout: Equestria parody, The Un-Stable Adventures of Puddles the Idiot, primarily because I've finally sussed out a major issue with the plot, but also because I spent a lot of money on the cover art many, many years ago, and Sunken Cost Fallacy. :B So that might be something to look forward to, maybe. I promise I won't post it until it's complete.

That, I think, is it. As I said, I clearly don't control me, so who knows what I'll end up doing next.

...It might be "Someone Steals Rainbow Dash's NFTs." <.< Just sayin'.

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Deltarune is good, yo.

:ajsmug: Life on the edge, baby!

Author Interviewer

I totally forgot to mention, I've been streaming Deltarune the past couple of days. This is something I've always wanted to do (streaming, not necessarily DR streaming), but I've always been let down by hardware limitations. Well, this is one game I can stream, and I'm doin' it! :)

Comment posted by cerealkiller78 deleted January 10th
Author Interviewer

You can fuck right back off to where you came from. :)

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