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  • Saturday
    AOH Season 2 Delay until March

    Agents of Harmony will be on hold until March

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  • Saturday
    EG Heroes of Canterlot City Season Finale Part 2 -The Slime of Tragedy

    The Rainboom faced their biggest challenge as they are pitted against a new villain named 'Slimer' who can his body as if real slime and impersonate anyone who chooses! Before they can stop him, the girls will learn Slimer's dark secret!

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  • Saturday
    EG Heroes of Canterlot City Season Finale Part 1-The Rubber of Comedy

    The Sonic Rainboom's most maniacal villains Trickster and Melvin unleash havoc on all of Canterlot with a new gizmo that morphs anything object into rubber or puddy. Furious, that the Rainbooms has made the Canterlot Police a laughing stock, Chief Damon Andrews pressures his detectives (Spitfire and Greg Galloway) to take them down for good.

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  • Tuesday
    EGHCC Sinister Story Arc

    The Mane 7 are newly equipped with elemental powers, and have certainly proven themselves when it comes to magic threats. But something is sinister in Canterlot City, and criminals have now attracted their attention. Now, the girls must find a way to use their abilities to protect people from a threat far closer to home. Of course, such a task is not without risks...

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  • 1 week
    Power Ponies Central Group

    Hey guys I created a new group called Power Ponies Central

    If you have any stories that related to Power Ponies( Mane 6 or otherwise) feel free to add them

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Equestria Girls - Heroes of Canterlot City · 5:28pm Nov 30th, 2021

Canterlot City is a place filled with wonder and excitement a home to Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer who are best of friends and became the Crystal Guardians. Saving the world from Equestrian Magic and assortment of villans

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