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  • Today
    I think I have a crush on the pink Amoeba Sister

    Shut up I really like science okay

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  • Today

    That’s all I want for my birthday

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  • Wednesday
    Innovation (Anthro)

    At this point, Griff felt like he’d been grounded so long that he had learned to stop speaking in broken Ponish.

    Quite literally, the only habit he had to drop was referring to himself in the third person. And although his phone and laptop had been taken, he figured out another way to express the way he felt.

    As the track played on the vinyl, Griff read out what he had on his notepad.

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  • Wednesday
    Griff’s “singing” voice

    Quotation marks because Atlas does both singing and rapping, and the song I’m listing here has more rapping and some of them harmonizing and stuff.

    Since Griff had been grounded for a month, it’d given him some time to find other ways of expressing himself. So he’d start writing songs.

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  • Wednesday
    Another portrait of Griff

    He’s got a vape :0

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Stolen Thunder · 2:20pm Nov 30th, 2021

Pall stared around at his troops, staring at Griff especially, as he’d been moving a bit slower than usual.

”Griffon, you have been awfully quiet lately. Is something going on?”

”Oh, heh, no sir. It’s just that, I was up all night doing pull ups by the big oak tree—“

“Sir! I can run a marathon in fifteen minutes!”

Pall and Griff narrowed their eyes at the umbrum who had just pipped up, and then went on with their conversation.

Comments ( 8 )

ah yes, there's always the show-off

Dude in my class keeps talking about how he runs marathons. Eugh.

Sounds like an idiot


*glaring as well*


Want me to deal with him?

wont shut up huh?

”No, Pall has it. Hey you! Go clean up the canteen.”



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