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    Doodle of Bloodpop

    Cleaning his glasses.

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  • Thursday

    Flutterwings leaned her head against the bathroom door, curious as to how long Griff planned to be in there. It raised a bit of concern to hear him crying in there for the past three hours.

    ”Uh…big brother…? How long are you gonna be in there?”

    She was only answered by an even louder wail, accompanied by the running water.

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  • Thursday
    Griff x C-Heroine doodles

    Griff being Heroine’s dog, yet again. He makes sure she’s okay even though he’s likely going to die in a few seconds with that much rain exposure—

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  • Wednesday
    The Closet (2)

    Flutterwings stared at Griff’s open closet, trotting in and staring around the rows upon rows of written pages that took up the walls. She glanced at an oddly placed piece of obsidian sitting on a stool in the middle of it.

    She pulled down the dangling piece of string connected to the lightbulb above her, continuing to explore.

    And that’s when she heard the bedroom door open.

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Disclaimer (So far) · 6:47pm Nov 29th, 2021

Note: These events transpire circa season 4, where the war takes place during Sombra's first attempt to rule the Crystal Empire. By this logic, Griff is at least a thousand or so years old at this time, so bear in mind that him being physically in his late twenties does not account for his psychological, mental, and emotional experience. This is also just my take on how Sombra may have taken control of the Crystal Empire the first time, meaning that I'm choosing to interpret those we see wearing helmets in Sombra's battles as voluntarily recruited umbrum rather than ponies forced to fight by either fear or Sombra's magic, so I don't really consider this an AU based story. Thank you.

As you can tell, I'm super psyched to finish this story and post it for you guys. This is probably the first thing I've ever thought relatively hard on, created a story, and built upon an already existing base considering the basic lore of Equestria. ETS is a week or two. I've also gotta finish my "history of Russia" journal in order to really get this thing in all its accuracy. Hope ya'll are just as excited as I am.

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Ooh! Cool!

Mhm! Mhm! So I also solved the “ageless” shit as well. Gimme a gold star

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