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Rude Awakening · 3:53am Nov 29th, 2021

Once he finally reached the second floor, the shadow glided down a corridor leading to a partially open door, quite possibly a bedroom. Hesitantly, he reached out a shadowy foreleg and nudged it, wincing at the unexpectedly loud creaking omitted as it opened further. That was when he wandered inside the room

Like almost every other room in the house, it was extremely dark. However, the first thing the shadow noticed were the multiple cans and bottles scattered across the floor, some of them glistening under the moonlight that shone through the window.

The other thing that caught his eye was the strange… figure lying fast asleep in the bed.

The shadow squinted as he loomed a bit closer… this individual looked vaguely like a pony, but the crimson antlers and the amethyst insect-like carapace obviously said this was not a pony. He grew a bit concerned when he saw what seemed to be tear-streaks on the stranger’s face…

Slowly and shakily, he reached over to wipe one of the droplets away…


“Gah!” he yelped out, quickly withdrawing as the stranger’s foreleg harshly met his.

Weird… he thought only Sombra was able to do that.

Within seconds, the stranger was stirring and sitting up, wiping his damp eyes and face with a hoof. “Ah shit…” he groaned, still half asleep.

Then the strangest thing happened.

The two of them immediately locked eyes with each other.

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Heheheh. Really now?

It was a joke at first, but now that I think about it...yeah, they'd make a cute couple

Funny thing is though, I was thinking on testing out the “Pharynx x Sombra” thing

Yeah. It would be pretty funny seeing Shadow Venom go gaga for Pharynx though

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